Volcanic Lava Men's Bracelet-Gold


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  • 24Karat Gold plating over 925 Sterling Silver

  • AdrianJade signature logo on all four sides of 24K Gold plated Solid Sterling Silver Block

  • Handpicked 12mm Natural Gemstone beads

  • Handmade in Canada

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  • Free worldwide delivery

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Why Volcanic Lava Bracelet?

  • Volcanic Lava gemstone, also known as “The third eye gemstone” is the symbol of the omnipotent 3rd Eye of The Hindu God “Shiva”.
  • The third eye of Lord Shiva signifies the peak of spiritual wisdom and therefore Volcanic Lava gemstone bracelets are specifically for those who want the very best in life.
  • Volcanic Lava stones are also used as a folk remedy for infertility and poor libido.

Learn more about Volcanic Lava here.


Why Sterling Silver?

  • Sterling silver is scientifically proven to be a powerful antimicrobial agent fighting infections and aiding in wound healing
  • Improves blood circulation and general well being

Learn more about Sterling Silver here.


Why buy form us?


Why buy from us?

  • Superior Craftsmanship: Each natural gemstone bead is carefully hand-picked and meticulously quality checked before being used in manufacturing these master-pieces.
  • Solid Sterling Silver block with laser engraved AdrianJade™ signature logo on all four sides. We also do Rhodium coating so the silver doesn't blacken up with usage. 
  • Hand-made in Canada: All our bracelets are hand-made in Canada as per your requirements. You can be assured that our bracelets will fit your wrists perfectly.
  • Happy buyers: 2 out of 3 customers place another order within 30 days. This speaks volume of our customer satisfaction. 


Shipping Information: 

  • All products come with FREE International Delivery 
  • Delivery to North America, South America, UK and Europe takes 2-4 BUSINESS DAYS
  • Delivery to Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, China, Russia, Japan and Rest of the World takes 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS
  • We strive to dispatch all orders within 48hours
  • Customs and Import duties may be applicable on import in certain countries. Customer is resposnible for such taxes, if applicable

43 customer reviews

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(based on 43 reviews)
  1. I enjoyed the heavy and expensive feel of it while not having to feel the heavy price.

    By Brandy Verified Buyer

    This bracelet is of excellent quality and is very sturdy. I enjoyed the heavy and expensive feel of it while not having to feel the heavy price.

  2. Looked beautiful when they arrived.

    By Lewis Verified Buyer

    This is excellent quality bracelets! Exceeded my expectations and would definitely buy again! Loved the bracelets. Looked beautiful when they arrived.

  3. Look nice, enough even to wear at the office.

    By Heather Verified Buyer

    The beads are even nicer in person than online, great quality and design for the price. I'm very happy with the quality. . Look nice, enough even to wear at the office.

  4. Solid and beautiful.

    By Adam Verified Buyer

    Solid and beautiful. Exceeded my expectations. Great addition to my bracelets collection. Thanks Adrianjade

  5. Very speedy delivery and it's beautiful

    By Rowan Verified Buyer

    Very speedy delivery and it's beautiful. Love it I just love these Beads. Accurate in bead size not a bit smaller not large and its lovely. It is the special gift for Men's. I would love to suggest those one's who really wants to gift to a real men

  6. Amazing bought

    By Isaac Verified Buyer

    Picture doesn't do this bracelet justice beautiful. I purchase one for me and I really got so surprised to see its quality. It's so good and better than other Lava bracelet, Amazing bought. I purchased other one for my friend and he also loved it very much. Thanks adrianjade.

  7. This bracelet is elasticized which makes putting it on and taking it off very easy

    By Enoch Verified Buyer

    Beautiful stones, great size bracelet and delivery was quick. Would definitely buy another. This bracelet is elasticized which makes putting it on and taking it off very easy. Thanks Adrianjade.

  8. order another of these beautiful bracelets for a dear friend

    By Blake Verified Buyer

    I am just about to order another of these beautiful bracelets for a dear friend who is in the midst of struggling with cancer, together we have ventured out on a spiritual journey to help his present turmoil and after receiving this lovely bracelet I know instantly he will love it. Thanks Adrianjade.

  9. A lovely weight. It presses against the skin so lightly

    By Giovanni Palmer Verified Buyer

    Beautiful Rusty Color. A lovely weight. It presses against the skin so lightly I forget I am wearing it. It's been admired by friends and strangers. thanks so much

  10. Exactly as it is really nice

    By Sufyan Mazur Verified Buyer

    Exactly as it is really nice, thought the stones would have been a bit bigger but its ok. Very pleased with this bracelet. The Lava stones are a lovely Rusty color and it arrived on time. Thanks Adrianjade

  11. it helps people think more clearly

    By Ammar walsh Verified Buyer

    I love this bracelet! It is so beautiful, and the Lava stone is really nice. For crystal healing, one of the main properties of Lava Stone is that it helps people think more clearly, and it certainly has helped me! Thank you adrianjade

  12. I loved these when they arrived

    By Spencer Hobbs Verified Buyer

    I loved these when they arrived, I tend to wear together, they go with any outfit. I ordered for all my four cousins too, but I wore all 4 in my arms as they were looking nice as a group.

  13. n wearing it everyday since It arrived

    By Selina Freed Verified Buyer

    I would definitely would recommend this bracelet it looks so much nicer than the picture and my husband loves it and has been wearing it everyday since It arrived . It would make a lovely gift too as it came in a nice packaging. thnks

  14. Absolutely brilliant both cousins loved the Bracelet

    By Ethan Mazzotti Verified Buyer

    Absolutely brilliant both cousins loved the Bracelet. Really love this bracelet so much so i am buying another for my friend thank you, thank you so much

  15. The bracelet has a nice weight in your hand

    By Anish Verified Buyer

    The bracelet has a nice weight in your hand. I think the weight of Lava contributes at least in part to its well known "grounding" qualities anyway. Thanks adrianjade

  16. very pleased with the service

    By Kameron Glaister Verified Buyer

    This bracelet was bought as a present for me and I am very pleased with it as it can be worn day or night, a lovely present.. Beautifully and extremely well made. Excellent. Thanks AdrianJade

  17. Really liked what I saw online

    By Kevin Verified Buyer

    Really liked what I saw online. It was even better up close. Great value and worth it's weight! Delivery was extremely quick, payed for standard and whenever I used to wear it, it got compliments which makes me so good feeling and little proudly for my purchase.

  18. happy

    By Milo Verified Buyer

    Love it..... appears to be of very good quality. My friend have same kind of stone which was from another company, and it's beads fall apart one by one, but I m happy that here is not the same problem yet. Really better deal, I will prefer mine!

  19. I usually wear this bracelet

    By Henry Verified Buyer

    Bracelet came quickly. and Its really as it is after 5 months of my purchase. Really thank you so much for this lovely experience from your site. I usually wear this bracelet and I hv still no complain. I will definitely recommend to ur site to all my knowns.

  20. Always great quality and very fair pricing

    By James Verified Buyer

    I always buy from AdrianJade when it comes to bracelets. Always great quality and very fair pricing. I am a regular customer of this site and really want to say that its perfect for men's bracelet.

  21. good weight and looks lovely

    By Winston Verified Buyer

    They look lovely and well made. Fast delivery and extremely good quality. Bracelet is of good weight and looks lovely. Thanks for this beautiful experience AdrianJade

  22. It fits well into the palm of your hand.

    By Corben Verified Buyer

    It fits well into the palm of your hand.
    Item is attractively packed
    The image shown is simply perspective

  23. Very Satisfactory

    By Emilis Verified Buyer

    This is a great product when you buy directly from the jeweler. This bracelet purchased here on Adrianjade is way to get your product easily at your home without any bargaining and the bracelet is so nice used. The stones were so nice and cleaned and though it came in the well packaged. Very Satisfactory.

  24. happy customer

    By Haseeb Verified Buyer

    My son loves his bracelet. He wears it every day and every night. He never gets off it from when he got this. It looks so expensive as their looks. I also likes it very much. I would also buy one for me. :)

  25. Delivery was incredibly quick

    By Vivaan Verified Buyer

    Delivery was incredibly quick
    Material was good as its fits on hand beautifuly
    Veey thanks anyway

  26. comfortable and weighty

    By Reginald Verified Buyer

    This is a beautiful Bracelet. It looks nice on men. It is very comfortable and weighty. It goes on and off easily, no clasps do deal with, just slide on and the elastic will stretch. And the bracelet looks great.

  27. Thanks again

    By Omer Verified Buyer

    It's gorgeous, elegant and its looks amazing a very finest bracelet i love it. Not what I expected. Great customer service, proud to wear it. Thanks again.

  28. feeling pretty great

    By Ricardo Verified Buyer

    I love this bracelet. It's very simple yet pretty, not only that - it potentially has health benefits. I'm big into "Alternative Medicines" - yoga, essential oils, crystals, etc and this bracelet is made from natural stones (a magnetic stone with may help with aches and pains). It's a steel, dark grey color and it;s light to wear around your wrist. Not sure if it's the jewelry helping....but I've been feeling pretty great since wearing this daily for the past few days. Since it's not expensive it's worth a try!

  29. benefit for charity!!

    By Drake Verified Buyer

    Great product and benefit for charity!!

  30. expensive product

    By Mikaeel Verified Buyer

    Beautiful Bracelet, very attractive service. It looks classy or expensive product

  31. Beautiful and versatile

    By Malachy Verified Buyer

    Received bracelet and it is beautiful. It is so versatile and can be wear casual or formal. Thank you

  32. Very pleased

    By Byron Verified Buyer

    Beautiful to wear all time. Very pleased with quality.

  33. Really pleased

    By Archibald Verified Buyer

    Really pleased with bracelets. Arrived promptly and nicely packaged.

  34. Excellent bracelet

    By Aron Verified Buyer

    Excellent bracelet, would buy again definately.

  35. Great Everything

    By Armaan Verified Buyer

    Great product! Great Quality! Many thanks!

  36. Beautiful Product

    By Curtis Verified Buyer

    The item arrived as described and lovely. Beautiful Product

  37. Great delivery

    By Douglas Verified Buyer

    Great delivery and service; item exactly as described

  38. Christmas gifts

    By Cayden Verified Buyer

    Have bought a couple of bracelet for myself and several for Christmas gifts. Very pleased with quality.

  39. Looks good!!!

    By Sarah Ford Verified Buyer

    These Bracelet go well to wear and look good on my Bf

  40. Excellent Bracelet

    By Nyeche Verified Buyer

    I was very impressed with my Bracelet. I bought it for my Grandson prom night/birthday. Excellent

  41. Fast service

    By Allison Thornton Thornton Verified Buyer

    Great value for money and good service.

  42. very pleased

    By INGA SIMANAVICIUTE Verified Buyer

    Lava Bracelet is so absolutely gorgeous....I ordered 2 bracelets one for a present and one for myself .. will feel a million dollars when wearing these. look so expensive..thank you

  43. Worthy Product

    By Karen Verified Buyer

    Really liked what I saw online. It was even better up close. Great value and worth it's weight!

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