Volcanic Lava Men's Bracelet-Silver


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  • Solid 925 Sterling Silver

  • Rhodium plating to prevent blackening of Silver

  • AdrianJade signature logo on all four sides of silver block

  • Handpicked 12mm natural gemstone beads

  • Hand-made in Canada

  • Free Luxury Gift box

  • Free worldwide delivery

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Why Volcanic Lava Bracelet?

  • Volcanic Lava gemstone, also known as “The third eye gemstone” is the symbol of the omnipotent 3rd Eye of The Hindu God “Shiva”.
  • The third eye of Lord Shiva signifies the peak of spiritual wisdom and therefore Volcanic Lava gemstone bracelets are specifically for those who want the very best in life.
  • Volcanic Lava stones are also used as a folk remedy for infertility and poor libido.

Learn more about Volcanic Lava here.


Why Sterling Silver?

  • Sterling silver is scientifically proven to be a powerful antimicrobial agent fighting infections and aiding in wound healing 
  • Improves blood circulation and general well being

Learn more about Sterling Silver here.

Why buy form us?


Why buy from us?

  • Superior Craftsmanship: Each natural gemstone bead is carefully hand-picked and meticulously quality checked before being used in manufacturing these master-pieces.
  • Solid Sterling Silver block with laser engraved AdrianJade™ signature logo on all four sides. We also do Rhodium coating so the silver doesn't blacken up with usage. 
  • Hand-made in Canada: All our bracelets are hand-made in Canada as per your requirements. You can be assured that our bracelets will fit your wrists perfectly.
  • Happy buyers: 2 out of 3 customers place another order within 30 days. This speaks volume of our customer satisfaction. 


Shipping Information: 

  • All products come with FREE International Delivery 
  • Delivery to North America, South America, UK and Europe takes 2-4 BUSINESS DAYS
  • Delivery to Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, China, Russia, Japan and Rest of the World takes 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS
  • We strive to dispatch all orders within 48hours
  • Customs and Import duties may be applicable on import in certain countries. Customer is resposnible for such taxes, if applicable

52 customer reviews

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(based on 52 reviews)
  1. Look good and good quality for the price

    By Mark Stewart Verified Buyer

    Look good and good quality for the price. Easily one of my favorite accessories, amazing quality. Stylish beads with nicely featured charm. Very fashionable and affordable price!!Love it!!

  2. Really nice bracelet! Feels very sturdy and durable,

    By Brian Dunkley Verified Buyer

    Really nice bracelet! Feels very sturdy and durable, and is heavier than most other brackets. Beads are a good size too. Awesome unique beaded bracelet!

  3. Arrived promptly.

    By Finn Verified Buyer

    What can I say I absolutely love it well worth the money and fast delivery.. Really pleased with this piece. Very pretty. Arrived promptly.

  4. Lovely looking bracelet.

    By Leonard Verified Buyer

    Lovely looking bracelet. Nice beads. Also overview on bead names would be good. Bracelets are pretty and appear to be of reasonable quality for the price. They arrived in good time.

  5. The quality seems fine

    By Jonah Verified Buyer

    Really nice quality for the price and looks the same as advertised. Nice price, just what I need to pace my mindfulness meditation. The quality seems fine. What's not to like?

  6. Product as I expected and rapid logistics recommend

    By Jane Verified Buyer

    Product as I expected and rapid logistics recommend. Recommend to Lifting Bros & fit chicks. Good quality products.

  7. Beautiful bracelet. I will buy more as presents.

    By Parker Verified Buyer

    Beautiful bracelet. I will buy more as presents. Lovely bracelet. A bonus for prime members too. Really pleased with it. Excellent value for money

  8. The bracelet is lovely and I'm very pleased with it... will probably be ordering more.

    By Kaiden Verified Buyer

    It arrived just over a week after I ordered it in a very nice gift packaging, in a very secure box. The bracelet is lovely and I'm very pleased with it... will probably be ordering more.

  9. lovely bracelet good value for money

    By Felix Verified Buyer

    Hi received my item yesterday and couldn't be more pleased great colours an perfect fit would recommend and buy again many thanks and quick delivery too

  10. This bracelet is absolutely beautiful and well made

    By Megan Verified Buyer

    This bracelet is absolutely beautiful and well made. Support for the selling was second to none and prompt. Ive looked high and low for a quality, simple bracelet and have found it

  11. Very happy with this item my friends little girl loves playing with it

    By Frank Verified Buyer

    Very happy with this item my friends little girl loves playing with it. Hours of fun and peace and quiet for the parents - win/win!

  12. This is a very well made item, it is very pretty also a wonderful priced item

    By Albie Verified Buyer

    This is a very well made item, it is very pretty also a wonderful priced item the finish is very neat and it looks very nice on the wrist all in all a very nice item.

  13. This bracelet is gorgeous.

    By Myles Verified Buyer

    This bracelet is gorgeous. This is a great fit and wonderful colors this is rough which I think makes them very elegant. Come with a nice packaging which is also interesting.

  14. lovely beads, quite heavy but lovely

    By Travis Verified Buyer

    Lovely beads, Quite heavy but Lovely. Received my prayer bracelet it's is absolutely beautiful Arrived on time. Looks lovely.

  15. Fantastic for the price and very lovely looking too.

    By Carter Verified Buyer

    I love it and have had lots of compliments for it would defiantly recommend this. Fantastic for the price and very lovely looking too.

  16. Beautiful and delicate bracelet! Really happy with it!

    By LT Verified Buyer

    Beautiful bracelet. Really pretty and total bargain. Beautiful and delicate bracelet! Really happy with it!

  17. Very nice and good fit.

    By Charles Verified Buyer

    Very nice and good fit. Came well packed and has its own nice packaging. I'm going to buy more. I have purchased more. This bracelets are beautiful. My favorite healing jewelry. Wonderful seller and great quality. Mix and match. Love these!

  18. What a beautiful piece

    By Jenson Verified Buyer

    It connects the ends of the strand together is very skillfully tucked into the channel of one of the beads so there are no annoying little ends sticking out as I've seen on some of my other bracelets. What a beautiful piece. This bracelet arrived in a nice packaging.

  19. I've had lots of compliments since buying it

    By Aidan Verified Buyer

    I've had lots of compliments since buying it and it's the kind of thing you can wear everyday or dress up if you wanted. Unbiased review- genuinely just really pleased :) Thanks Adrianjade

  20. it has elastic like so it fits comfortably wear

    By Kayden Verified Buyer

    It is great with all outfits and there are a few more colors to dress up any outfit. Beads are beautiful and great quality. Great bracelet! Prettier than I thought it would be from the picture...I love that it has elastic like so it fits comfortably wear...

  21. Got it on a lightning deal

    By Clay Evans Verified Buyer

    Got it on a lightning deal, it's nice for the price. My Friend thinks it's beautiful. A very good price too. Many thanx to you Adrianjade for this bracelet

  22. Absolutely love this bracelet

    By Zayne Hobbs Verified Buyer

    Absolutely love this bracelet - I've worn it every day since it was delivered on my wrist. It has a lovely weight to it. Very pleased with the quality and weight of the bracelet. Would recommend to all.

  23. love the beads of the bracelet

    By Maxwell Palmer Verified Buyer

    I love the beads of the bracelet. It is so elegant, the quality of the bracelet was so nice as I was expected to see the photo. It is same as the picture shown. I love to have this bracelet and also love to wear this too, Thanks Adrianjade for this precious bracelet

  24. Very pleased with both service and product

    By Ronny Gibson Verified Buyer

    Exactly as it is really nice, thought the stones would have been a bit bigger but its ok. Very pleased with both service and product." thank you so much adrianjade

  25. getting value for money from it.

    By Jonty Freed Verified Buyer

    I am big fan of costume jewellery, and I have a lot of it because my taste changes all the time and I don't want to heavily invest in gold and silver jewellery in case I end up not wearing it and getting value for money from it. That's why I purchased Lava stone Bracelet which is really worthy for me.

  26. impressed with look and quality of item

    By Faizaan Waters Verified Buyer

    Very pleased with this product, but it was a very long wait on delivery. I did not realize it would take so long, but never the less. really impressed with look and quality of excellent hope it stays as good as it looks now. I would order again.

  27. This bracelet is my favorite one bracelet

    By Tristan Verified Buyer

    This bracelet is my favorite one bracelet. I always wear this bracelet even at night. From the day first I didn't remove it from my hand. The price is so promptly, even I would like to say that it is worthy product. I advised that everyone should purchase this bracelet without any confusion BECAUSE THIS IS REAL STONE BRACELET.

  28. Really thankful

    By Liam Verified Buyer

    Loved this bracelet, looks incredible on and absolute worthy price. Have had many compliments from my colleagues. As I am a worker in a MNC, so I usually wear this bracelet in my work days and its suits with any dress of mine. Really thankful Adrianjade.

  29. beads were real and affective

    By Adam Verified Buyer

    The product itself is five star and it did take nearly a week to arrive, which is so thankful. As I ordered many products from other company but never got this delivery on time. This is superb and the quality of the product was also so nice. The stones beads were real and affective.

  30. He always gets compliments from this bracelet

    By Soheyl Verified Buyer

    Individually packed and made great gifts!! Everyone loved them :) I gifted this bracelet to my love and he loves it so much, even he always gets compliments from this bracelet.

  31. Super smooth, smart looking bracelet

    By Jon Verified Buyer

    the beads on the bracelet and the 'worry stone' have a super smooth finish which gives them a very tactile quality. It is also a satisfaction product and it will definitely make changes in your life and nature too because I realize it.

  32. Nice for the price.

    By Boris Verified Buyer

    I bought this for my 35 year old friend . He loved it and the meaning behind it! I ended up purchasing 2 more for my son, ages 18 - 21. It was a hit with all of them. Nice for the price.

  33. Same as ones purchased locally for a fraction of the cost!

    By Zakk Verified Buyer

    Just what he wanted. Pretty and comfortable. Hasn't shown any signs of dirt. Unusual and pretty. Same as ones purchased locally for a fraction of the cost!

  34. Favorite piece of jewelry I own!

    By Terry Verified Buyer

    Very durable product that provides a constant reminder on a daily basis! Love this bracelet. Exactly as stated!! The real deal. Favorite piece of jewelry I own!

  35. Very cute bracelet

    By Stanislaw Verified Buyer

    I am very happy with my bracelet I purchased through Adrianjade. I made sure it was sold by bracelet so of course it's durable and clear, the shipping was fast also. I knew if I wasn't happy with it I have never had a problem returning items like some people say. Very cute bracelet , my son loves it

  36. changed his life

    By Russell Verified Buyer

    It was a gift for my young grandson. He was happy to have "the real one". Actually he is studying in college and his all friends were giving compliments to him. He was so happy to get this bracelet as a gift. He says that this bracelet has changed his life.

  37. Very smooth and well made!

    By Viktor Verified Buyer

    I know this is branded as a men's bracelet. The beads are beautiful, well rounded, slick, and stay cool against your skin. The elastic holding them together is strong, not flimsy at all. The bracelet sits nicely on your wrist without rolling around, and even when you rest your arm on the table, it doesn't push into your skin uncomfortably. I am really impressed with this piece.

  38. impressed with the quality

    By Kallum Verified Buyer

    Really liking it so far. The beads seem very high quality. I have had bracelets similar to this in the past, and the band typically will end up breaking or "untying". Will have to wait and see what happens with this one, but so far I'm impressed with the quality.

  39. it's perfect

    By Emilio Verified Buyer

    I Loved the bracelet! Looks great. My only (very minor) issue is its just a little snug. Other than they, it's perfect.

  40. Excellent product

    By Keiran Verified Buyer

    Excellent product and service. It is so versatile and can be wear casual or formal. Thanks!

  41. Satisfied with purchase

    By Adyan Verified Buyer

    Satisfied with purchase. Would recommend this company to others. Thank you."

  42. Excellent service

    By Usman Verified Buyer

    Excellent service. Same as shown in advertisement. The bracelet is excellent, It can be a good gift for love one. Would recommend this company to others.

  43. stunning

    By Robert Verified Buyer

    Simple but stunning!! I bought it for myself and I have to say that it is nice one collection of my wardrobe

  44. Great Experience

    By Zakaria Verified Buyer

    beautiful on. Awesome piece of jewelery. Great Experience. Appreciated products

  45. Worthy deal

    By Tomos Verified Buyer

    Bought this through a discount website and satisfied with value. Quality is also good

  46. Quick delivery

    By Harri Verified Buyer

    Bracelet Beautiful, service amazing. Quick delivery and quality best

  47. Glad to purchase

    By Wilfred Verified Buyer

    The bracelet is very,very pretty and the price was great. It is really nice and I am glad I bought it.

  48. Beautiful Present

    By Alex Atkins Verified Buyer

    Brought these as a present for my boyfriend and he thinks it is beautiful. I am also very happy with this beautiful product.

  49. Discount Price

    By Tyler Stacey Verified Buyer

    Got this bracelet at a discount price and am very pleased with it. Nice bracelet which i wear nearly all the time.

  50. Excellent service!!!

    By Sharon Walsh Verified Buyer

    Lava Silver Bracelet were as described. Postage was very quick and I am delighted with the item.

  51. Excellent Item

    By Brian Verified Buyer

    Excellent item exactly as quoted would buy again kind regards happy customer.

  52. Good in Appears

    By Eidann Verified Buyer

    Love it.....appears to be of very good quality My friends has a Bead bracelet and I have to say, I think I prefer mine!

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