Clarity. Manifestation. Illumination. 

Let's get straight to the point: there is no better gem for showing substances, programming expectations or intensifying energies, than a Clear Quartz Stone. It's a striking proclamation, however this is an intense gem. We like to consider clear quartz stone as a definitive rockstar.

In the gem world, staying aware of the Quartz' can resemble staying aware of the Jones'— it's difficult to coordinate to a gem as generally incredible as Clear Quartz. While clear quartz has delighted in enchanted reputation since the times of antiquated Greece, today, it's even utilized in innovation to hold flows of vitality. This is the manner by which we realize clear quartz is so stunning at programming.

When you program or set your goal for your Clear Quartz stone, it will continually put your goal out into the universe, notwithstanding when you are not pondering it. Clear Quartz recuperating properties will likewise raise and intensify the vitality dimension of whatever other gems that interact with it—subsequently, this is the reason we put Clear Quartz globules toward the finish of each piece and suggest that you charge your adornments on quartz precious stones. This stone is likewise basic in gem frameworks. On the off chance that you need to hoist the vitality of each other gem in the lattice, and program the network to keep up the aim you set, at that point add a reasonable quartz stone to your framework.

Clear Quartz stones additionally bring clearness of the psyche, helping you to concentrate and turn out to be sure about your fantasies and wants. They help with profound advancement and with evacuating any vitality blockages that happen in the body. Clear quartz interfaces with each chakra. It will cleanse and re-empower your chakric field, with the goal that your brain, your center and your base are on the whole working in concordance at their most astounding potential. When you are working with different gems and their implications, have a go at including the unmistakable quartz importance into your mix. It will intensify the energies and amplify your aim.


  • A black or brown stained natural stone that is clear and deep in look, Smoky Quartz originates from Scotland, China, Rome, Greece, Australia, USA, Brazil, Canada, India, Germany, Spain, Russian, Switzerland and Sri Lanka

  • Smoky Quartz scores 7 on the Mohs hardness scale and is known to be strong for daily use too!
  • Ideal for Scorpio born people, Smoky Quartz is as old as the druids!

  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade the color of Smoky Quartz.


  • Also known as Smoky Citrine, Smoky Quartz is known for grounding its wearer in positive and motivating energy.
  • When kept in a wallet, it can attract loads of money too!Popular for imbibing survivalinstincts, prosperity, creativity and luck, Smoky Quartz is also an emotional balm!
  • Smoky Quartz has powers to heal the distresses of your abdomen, menstruation, fertility, sleep cycle, pancreas and kidneys too!
  • The root chakra natural stone is also known to relieve nightmares, curses, demons and nightterrors when hung at the head-side of your bedpost while sleeping.