Spanning from the Great Pyramid of Cheops that boast as the lone limestone wonder of the ancient world, there are endless monuments that show how our ancestors utilized natural stones. Crystals have been one of the natural wonders much appreciated across diverse cultures and religions. They tapped the power of these natural wonders and used it for architectural, healing, spiritual, religious and social reforms. 

Accessorizing your wardrobe with appropriate natural stones can also make you excel and discover your hidden powers. Bible advocates that crystals are necessary for spiritual growth. Wearing men’s natural stones bracelets is said to reflect the glory of god in its shine.


The revered fans of the healing power of natural stones, Egyptian culture boasts therapeutic qualities of stones like Lapis Lazuli, Onyx and Quartz. Although the meanings are spiritual, Egyptians believed that Lapis Lazuli stones must be adorned on their King and Queen to enhance the ruler’s enlightenment. Bible states that the High Priest wore Lapis Lazuli as the fifth stone on his breastplate too.

History has many times misnamed the stone as sapphire, but the medicinal qualities of the stone make it distinct. Including the sarcophagus of King Tut laid with Lapis and the scarabs of ancient Egypt, Lapis Lazuli was known to be a natural stone that uplifted the status of its wearer to God!



Popular as the ‘light of mankind’ in history, Quartz is a natural stone that was vital to Greek mythologies. Until the 16th century Greeks were known to hail clear quartz as equivalent to ice from the heavens. The natural stone is known to have been smeared on the soldiers to make them invincible in the combats.

Named after the Earth Mother Goddess of Greek mythology, quartz also honors the Hindu Goddess of Kundalini or ‘life force’ and light goddess of Rome or Latona. Eqyptians are also known to have buried their bodies in quartz for a safe voyage into the afterlife.



The ancient secrets of Chakra power and healing practices of Ayurveda have a direct root of natural stones. The scriptures advocate that healing power of crystals is mandatory to unleash the mental and metaphysical balance within a person. The ancient Indian science of astrology is believed to have considered natural stones as objects to converse with the moon.

Shop for amazing moonstones here and wear it to open the heart and keep yourself faithful in commitments. In fact, myths also vouch that the wearer can discern the future when looked through the natural stone during the waning moon phase.



In South American history, primarily among Aztecs and Incas, the importance and omnipotence of Turquoise are inevitable. Known as chalchihuitlin Aztec, the blue natural stone also makes the mask of the God of fire for the same. Aztecs believed the stone to have the power of instilling wisdom, luck and even immortality in the wearer.

The world famous King Tut’s death mask was also embedded with the same captivating natural stone. Buying luxury men’s bracelets with these natural stones will also protect you and act as amulets or talismans.



Roman history has known to revere endless talismans and totems for luck, prosperity and power. Nevertheless, the civilization also celebrated the health effects that the natural stones had on its wearer. While Christianity vouches for emerald as the stone of resurrection, Romans believe that wearing emerald increased the fertility of the wearer. Ancient Alchemy is another mysterious prophecy which highlights the ultimate recipe for enlightenment and transformation on an ‘Emerald Tablet’. Romans used the natural stone extensively to cure eye problems, fear, boost memory and feel happy. 

Graphite was yet another favorite of Roman artisans and is infamous by the giant Roman Pantheon entirely built of the same natural stone.



The mysterious healing powers of ancient Chinese medicine are often grounded to the explicit leverage of a natural stone called Green Jade. Entrenched in history, Jade is known to have assisted in 5000 years of healing in Chinese Medicine. The Chinese believed that green jade also had the ability to lure luck as well as fortune to its wearer.

Yet another important natural stone important to China is Amber, believed to be the soul of the tiger.

With historic emperors like Kublai Khan having sacrificed a city for a ruby and such, the value of natural stones was high in the past. Their value surpassed monetary tags and was treasured for its spiritual and soul-related healing. From common ailments like memory loss to inner strengths like nobility, natural stones are renowned for their insignia of the curing body, mind and soul.

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