Stability. Grounded. Supportive. 


If you are always looking toward the skyline, Chrysocolla is the stone your free soul needs to quit imagining and begin. 

It advises you that to paint the life you had always wanted, you need to come into parity for yourself. Work with it as an apparatus to motivate a fresh start, and be en route to joyfully ever after.

Chrysocolla was the first chill pill. This gem has been helping individuals grasp their inward smooth since the season of Cleopatra. 

Named by the old Greek savant Theophrastus, Chrysocolla means "gold paste." It was regularly utilized by antiquated Egyptians in adornments welding to security with gold, thus its name. Cleopatra was said to wear Chrysocolla wherever on account of its quieting, female power.

To loosen up like a ruler, grasp the vitality of chrysocolla. Utilizing this stone in a sanitizing, end-of-day shower will assist you with washing ceaselessly any stresses or cynicism that you experienced that day. 

The Chrysocolla significance is tied in with engaging you to perceive your capacities, and turn into your best self. When you're tense, it causes you unwind. When you're loaded up with self-question, it loans you certainty. When you're substance to simply drift, it floods you with the inspiration to seek after additional.

In case you're overpowered by conditions outside your ability to control, a Chrysocolla stone has your back. This gem interfaces with your heart and throat chakras to advance a fair outlook and mindful correspondence. It's difficult to express what you're feeling when you're worried. To keep from taking your tension out on those you adore most, utilize a Chrysocolla stone to facilitate the rising inclination to snap at individuals, and return to being you. 

The Chrysocolla properties bait cynicism out, and replaces it with the vitality of affection and development. Implanted with this accommodating vitality, you can make sure to inhale through strain until you discover an answer.

The innovativeness that a Chrysocolla stone animates will help out-of-the-crate considering, and lead to better choices at work, seeing someone and in each part of your life. Through taking advantage of the vitality of Chrysocolla in thoughtful self-reflection, you gain a feeling of mindfulness that enlightens the majority of the parts of your identity that are ripe for development.


  • Chrysocolla is also know as stone of the goddess that empowers feminine virtues.

  • A boon for those who are looking to enhance their communication skills. The same is why Chrysocolla is also known as a ‘teaching stone’.

  • Ideal for relieving all kinds of blood pressure variations, infections, fevers, liver disorder, throat inflammation, digestion issues in the wearer.

  • Yet another remarkable quality of the Chrysocolla stone is how it cures a broken heart, kills guilt and rekindle the instincts of love! 


  • Also known as GoldenGlue. Chrysocolla originates from Australia, Peru, USA, Indonesia, Czech Republic, Russia, Israel and Congo.

  • The copper natural stone of Chrysocolla is also available infused in Quartz.

  • Historically revered since the mines of King Solomon, Chrysocolla originates from the Greekword ‘chrysos’.

  • Chrysocolla is often confused with turquoise, but the deciding factor is the grape shaped bunch of colored patterns on the blue or cyan gemstone.