Open and revive your chakras with the Calcite gem, the multi-nutrient for the spirit. Comprised of calcium carbonate, the Calcite gem importance has a notoriety for being a big deal vitality enhancer. 

Every assortment additionally has its very own particular properties that give rich and profound nourishment essential for imagination and otherworldly understanding to thrive. Continuously begin your vacation day on the bright side of life when you take your day by day portion of nutrients for the soul, including Green Calcite and its lively emerald shade, which advances thriving and favorable luck, and Orange Calcite, a brilliant stone that saddles the vitality of the sun and its nurturing power that transforms night into day.

The Calcite precious stone significance can be followed back to old Greece, where it originated from the Latin word calc, signifying 'lime.' The primary fixing in the shells of ocean animals, solidified limestone gives the Calcite gem a mind blowing exhibit of assortments and hues. The Calcite precious stone and its forces of assimilation have transformed it into an incredible wipe that douses up poisonous feelings and pessimism.

On the off chance that your enthusiastic gauge requires an overcast climate with a shot of downpour, dependably have a little daylight in your pocket when you convey the Orange Calcite stone with you. Hold a stone in each hand and give your spirit a shining suntan with a portion of Vitamin D, the life-supporting supplement that emanates with the vitality of the sun. A morning meal of victors, Orange Calcite is an incredible profound tonic since it underpins the sacral chakra, the vitality focus that holds the way to inventiveness and sexuality. Orange Calcite is a solid vitality purifier since it moves all through the entire body, making it an amazing partner for leaving on another voyage or experience. Whatever the climate, begin your day with a little daylight when you ruminate with Orange Calcite, all piece of a total otherworldly breakfast that gives your spirit the sustenance it needs to vibrate at the most elevated recurrence.

In this tumultuous world, you can never have an excessive number of four leaf clovers, which makes the Green Calcite an unquestionable requirement have stone for welcoming favorable luck and flourishing into your life. Green is the shade of cash, yet the cool and quieting shade likewise symbolizes the regular world, and when you reflect with Green Calcite, it reconnects you to the planet as a wellspring of life vitality. Each time you see its mitigating green shading, let it help you to remember the nurturing earth and its regular wealth. This is the enchantment of Calcite recuperating properties, particularly of the green assortment. Utilize Green Calcite to connect back to the network of the universe and be helped to remember your massive appreciation for the regular world, a mind boggling framework that continues all life.



  • Calcite helps to detoxify, gain innerpeace, boost self-awareness, and build compassion and forgiveness in the wearer.

  • The stone is known to enhance the person to engross themselves in academic learning,spirituality and wisdom which boosts the creativity and imagination in the owner.

  • The rock helps the wearer to enter astral travel, increase psychic abilities and instill hope.

  • Calcite heals based on its colors such as Blue calcite works on throat issues while Gray calcite boosts focus in the wearer and White calcite creates neurological balance.

  • Green Calcite is known to ward offnegative emotions and Clear calcite helps to rid the wearer of trust issues.

  • Yet another healing calcite is pink calcite that helps to rebuild one’s broken heart while Orange calcite imbibes courage in the owner.

  • Calcite also helps to regain bone strength, heal structural disorders, cancers, stress, anxiety, fear and retain the lifeforce. 


  • Popularly known as Calcspar or Clear Calcite, Calcite scores a mere 3 points on the Mohs scale and is a brittle gem.

  • Calcite is available in clarities Transparent to Translucent in places such as Romania Belgium, Czech Republic, Mexico, Iceland, Britain, Italy, and Slovakia.

  • Calcite jewelry has a soapy or waxy texture to it and is derived from the Greek word "chalx", meaning lime.

  • Calcite is abundantly available on Earth as Calcareous rocks cover over 40% of the earth’s surface!