Healing. Peace. Serenity

A Botswana Agate Tumbled Stone is one of the most seasoned recuperating gemstones. It is the ideal stone to convey with you to bring recuperating, fortifying and defensive energies. Botswana Agate grounds, recuperate and reconnect you with your breath, helping you to locate your very own, regular beat.

Agate Stones are one of the most seasoned recuperating stones in presence today. In numerous antiquated human advancements, it was utilized on the breastplates of warrior's shield to bring them quality. THE stone everybody ought to have for security. Agate recuperating properties are defensive and mending, making agate stones magnificent as charms. They can likewise bring you fearlessness, enthusiastic quality and self-assurance.

Botswana Agate mending properties shield you from stress and getting to be depleted of vitality. They are additionally useful when utilized for passionate parity and acknowledgment of feelings. The agate stone significance does not change your feelings, yet rather encourages you grapple with your emotions. For instance, in the event that you are feeling tragic, hold your agate stones and realize that that this inclination will pass and that tomorrow will be a superior day. 

Botswana Agate grounds, to recuperate and to reconnect you to your breath. It additionally causes you to locate your very own, characteristic mood. Numerous individuals feel that Botswana Agate has an energizer quality, helping you to discharge any passionate injuries or negative feelings with the goal that you can find a sense of contentment. It likewise urges you to discover answers for your issues, as opposed to concentrating on the negative perspectives you face every day.


  • A unique benefit of wearing Botswana Stone bracelet will help you repel spiders in addition to enemies, bullies and traffic accidents.

  • Soaking the crystal in warm water early morning and drinking the juice will increase your chance of success in life and while picking lotteries.

  • Botswana crystal is also known for being an ideal antidote to ward off negative future by changing perspective of the wearer.

  • The Metaphysical energy of Botswana stone is considered potent and capable of dislodging clinical depression, stress and suicidal tendencies. 


  • Considered a lucky stone by history, Botswana Stones are distinct for its eyelike shape in the centre of the stone.

  • Associated with the pineal gland or the omnipotent crown chakra, Botswana gemstone is locally known as Sunset Stone in Africa.

  • Also popular as Botswana Agate, the Botswana gemstone is a soulful and trippy stone originating in Africa.

  • Botswana natural stone is a royal stone that is often times referred as the Stone of Change too.