Will. Motivation. Resilience.  

Smithsonite is a zinc carbonate mineral that belongs to the calcite group of crystals. It can occur in botryoidal, massive, granular or stalactitic habits. It rarely forms crystals. This mineral is often found in the upper oxidised zones of zinc deposits, frequently as an alteration of Sphalerite. 

Smithsonite's energy can help heal and balance the reproductive organs and endocrine system. It is useful in regulating your weight and increasing physical energy. ​

Smithsonite builds up your immune system and activates the thymus gland. It will heal and clear sinuses, digestive disorders. It will ease osteoporosis and alcoholism. It restores veins and muscles. ​

​Midwives should use this stone as it eases the childbirth process. It is good for someone convalescing from a long illness and eases pain. This stone reduces the cravings for drugs or alcohol. 


  • The gem is known for an overwhelming soothing energy that helps the owner to de-stress, organize, manage and cope easily with troubles.

  • Smithsonite helps to stimulate feelings of joy, self-respect, confidence and self-love in its owner too.

  • Smithsonite stands for the Kwan Yin goddess and hence the owner reaps many traits of the goddess too. The best beneficial traits of wearing Smithsonite are joy, compassion and love.

  • Wearing Smithsonite will also help you to relieve many physicaldisorders of the thymus gland, alcoholism, digestive issues, reproduction, skin breakouts, infections and vein elasticity. 


  • Smithsonite comes in colors such as lavender, lilac, pink, blue, green, yellow and gray and is popular as Bonamite.

  • Bonamite originates from countries such as Greece, Spain, USA, Africa, Italy, Australia, Namibia and Mexico.
  • Smithsonite is a gem that has an attractive and shiny luster to its undulated surface too. The colors on Smithsonite owe it to copper (pink), cobalt (purple), iron (red) and cadmium (yellow).

  • Scoring merely 5 points for hardness on the Mohs scale. Smithsonite is denser when compared to other gems.