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Melanite is a polished dark garnet gemstone that is now and then alluded to as "titanian andradite" because of its titanium content. It is one of the three assortments of the uncommon andradite garnet gathering, and ought not be mistaken for melonite, which is a telluride of nickel. 

Andradite takes its name from the Portuguese mineralogist who found it; Jose Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva (1763 - 1838), who was additionally in charge of finding three different minerals. Andradite has a high refractive file. This implies andradite garnet has a lovely brilliance. The uncommon, green demantoid garnet is additionally a sort of andradite that is prized for its radiance. Truth be told, the name "demantoid" is taken from the German word "demant", signifying "precious stone", in reference to its brightness.

Since melanite is a sort of garnet, the properties that are credited to garnets can likewise be connected to it. Furthermore, melanite is said to energize positive emotions, help fearlessness, give security and balance, and increase innovativeness. Physically, melanite is thought to help blood generation and stream, bronchial clutters, assimilation of calcium, magnesium and iron, and vision.

In conventional Hindu conviction frameworks, melanite is related with the first chakra, or the "root chakra", which is situated at the base of the spine. The root chakra when clear is related with imperativeness, solid sexual action and sentiments of security and steadiness. Besides, melanite is believed to be a decent stone to anticipate bad dreams and convey positive vitality to places.

Garnet all in all is the customary birthstone for the long stretch of January and for Aquarians.


  • Popular for its grounding attributes. Melanite also contains the life force of infinite energy and creativity too.

  • Melanite is also known to energize the liver, cure heart disorders and detox your body and spirit.

  • Wearing melanite as the centre stone of your wristlet will also provide you with protection against enemies as well as nightmares.

  • Melanite also appears in Hindu Scriptures and is renowned to activate the Root Chakra, cure spinal issues and enliven your sexual appetite. 


  • Also known as titanian andradite owing to the titanium composition in it. Melanite also gains its luster from the same.

  • Melanite is found in countries such as Russia, Azerbaijan, Mali, Mexico, Germany, France, Italy and USA.

  • Discovered by a Portuguese mineralogist, melanite scores 7 points for hardness on Mohs scale and is an Eye clean gem too.

  • Melanite is a combination of the properties of Andradite and Garnet and works best for people with the zodiac Scorpio.