Spirituality • Self-Expression • Honesty

Blue Kyanite healing associates with the fifth Throat Chakra and is a standout amongst the most dominant precious stones for throat chakra work. It is particularly useful for individuals who have had medical procedure in the throat zone or encountered any physical mischief there. If there has been any harm done close to the throat chakra area, Blue Kyanite can help in the healing procedure by crossing over the vitality holes.

Blue Kyanite precious stones likewise encourage open, legit, and genuine correspondence. By clearing the vitality squares stopping up your fifth chakra, blue kyanite allows a superior stream of vitality to aid self-articulation and correspondence. The Blue Kyanite stone enables you to get fair with others, and with yourself. It urges you to plunge further into your fact, and figure out how to talk your reality in all circumstances. To all the more likely help your capacity to convey truly, Blue Kyanite precious stones give alleviation from tension and a portion of serene vitality to enable you to communicate.

As a high vibrational stone, Blue Kyanite healing properties are connected to otherworldly extension. These precious stones raise your awareness and reinforce your association with your most genuine, most noteworthy self. Working with a Blue Kyanite precious stone interfaces you to higher conditions of being and a higher cognizance.


  • This stone is known to uplift your communication skills, quality of self-expression, deep meditation and self-healing by balancing the chakras of the body.

  • It is also known to supplement psychic visions, clairvoyance and telepathy in its wearer too.

  • Yet another outstanding benefit of wearing Kyanite on your body is how well it helps to socialize, dissolve feuds between loved ones, augment love, increase flexibility and tranquility in the wearer.

  • Kyanite also helps to recoup a person who has suffered Trauma, Lack of Concentration and Nervous Tension by heightening good vibrations.


  • Coined from the Greek word ‘kuanos' or 'kyanos' meaning deep blue. Kyanite displays colorless, gray, white, yellow, green or orange colors.

  • Known as a durable rock for everyday wear and tear. Kyanite scores 7 points on the Mohs scale and is transparent to translucent in clarity. 

  • Kyanite looks the best in daylight as it emits a red fluorescence, yet boasts a perfect cleavage also making it easy to split.

  • Originating from countries such as Kenya, Austria, Cambodia, Burma, Tanzania,  Brazil, Switzerland, India, Myanmar, Nepal, United States, Zimbabwe,  Serbia, Russia and Italy. 

  • Kyanite is a blue colored silicate.