Restoration. Peace. Ownership

With its serene vitality, Hemimorphite reestablishes your feelings. Work with it to take responsibility forever and otherworldly needs. Having Hemimorphite in your space will move as much quiet as it will self-awareness.

Simply seeing Raw Blue Hemimorphite motivates a feeling of harmony inside the soul. Associating with this stone empowers you to reestablish your feelings and make inward parity. On a more profound dimension, Hemimorphite benefits your capacity to take responsibility forever—the great just as the terrible.

By calming your brain, Hemimorphite empowers you to extend your point of view. It coaxes you to think about how you may have set accuse where it was undeserved, or how your very own activities may have added to things. This inward intelligence will likewise edify you to the positive parts of your life that you go off.

If you have an inclination disregard the achievements that you've earned, acquire Hemimorphite vitality. It will urge you to take legitimate responsibility for the things you've accomplished throughout everyday life. 


  • The perfect solution to repair damaged relationships and to rekindle it with love. Hemimorphite inspires the wearer to compassion and commitment.

  • Popularly regarded for elevating psychic visions in its wearer. Hemimorphite also helps to communicate with the angels. 

  • Also known to cure ailments of the eye, hormonal imbalances, headaches, ulcer, body weight and blood. Hemimorphite is also an energizing stone.

  • Building positive self-image in a person is one of the first effects of using hemimorphite. The crystal also attracts good luck, fortune and fame.

  • Hemimorphite is also an ideal amulet to protect the wearer from negative energy and enemies in addition to giving a spiritual direction to life.


  • Popularly known among jewelry lovers as Calamine. 

  • A soft stone that gains 5 points on the Mohs scale for hardness.

  • Originating in Algeria, Italy, Australia, Poland, Germany, Thailand, Namibia, Austria, Mexico, United States,  Russia, the Congo, Madagascar, Belgium,  Mexico and England. Hemimorphite is brittle in properties.

  • Hemimorphite is transparent to translucent stone that is available in the colors - blue, green and colorless.