Is it true that you are feeling lazy and detached to the present minute? It's a typical issue we face, on account of the requests of current life, which drives us to think five stages ahead. As a basic instrument in the steady fight to keep everything together, the Garnet precious stone causes us feel grounded and associated with the present minute. In case you're deficient in vitality, it could be vitality blockages inside the body keeping you from your normal condition of satisfaction and essentialness.

A stone that symbolizes physical love and the connection between cherishing accomplices, the Garnet was a prevalent decorative enhancement among sovereignty and nobles. And every one of the creatures of Noah's Ark can thank a vast Garnet stone for giving the main light on their scriptural voyage and managing them securely to arrive. Included in a scope of hues from the red shading beam, a profoundly energetic and ground-breaking vibration, each stone has a unique wonder with shades going from ruby red and dull dark colored to pink and orange.

Rubies may get all the consideration in the realm of gemstones, yet Garnet emerges with its natural and inconspicuous stylish. Keep a piece on your precious stone rack and let Garnet speak to the rich, natural tones made from the nurturing components of the planet. It's rich gloss and one of a kind vibration gives us the solidarity to assume responsibility for our lives and make a move toward advancement and achieving a higher condition of cognizance. At the end of the day, Garnet advises us that activities express more intense than words, a savvy saying that dependably seems to be valid. 


  • The key healing property of garnet is detoxification of the body, heart and spirit.

  • Garnet is also known to stop nightmares and enhance calm by dissolving depression. 

  • History emphasizes that Egyptians and Indians believed that wearing garnet on the body increases the chance of luck in success, love, fame and fortune too!

  • Yet another significant merit of using garnet is how it balances the energy chakras of the body. The same alleviates lowsex drive and breakouts on the skin too!   


  • Originating from all around the globe, key garnet producing nations are USA, India, China, South Africa, Russia, Canada, Egypt, Poland, Italy, Zaire, France and Brazil. 

  • Sourced from the Latin word ‘granatum’ meaning dark-red, Garnet was also called carbuncles, ember or pusfilledboils in ancient times.

  • Garnet is found in a variety of colors such as purple, brown, pink, orange, peach, yellow and even blue (rarest)! 

  • The sensual natural stone scores 7.5 for hardness on the Mohsscale with a glass like shine.