Joy. Forgiveness. Happiness

Clinohumite is a flawless stone that send through blasts of satisfaction to get your day away from work to an incredible begin. Their vitality brings through cheerful emotions so are helpful to support how you feel.

Supportive stones to utilize on the off chance that you are discouraged or pushed and they likewise have various other recuperating properties including bringing relief from discomfort and helping sleep deprivation. 

These stones reverberate firmly at the sun based plexus and sacral chakras, and have astounding powerful properties. 

In spite of the fact that they are known to come in different hues, the vitality of the brilliant nectar yellow precious stones have great ascribes that are magnificent to help how you feel.

This stone has a place with the Humite gathering of minerals and the name of this stone identifies with it being named after Sir Abraham Hume who was an English mineralogist.This mineral is an a neosilicate with an extensive number of minerals included, and these will obviously make the stone arrive in a scope of hues.

Its precious stone propensity is usually granular or kaleidoscopic with octahedral or tetrahedral shape. It was first found in 1876 on Mt Vesuvius in Italy however it was later found in various areas.  


  • Wearing Clinohumite is ideal for detoxifying the liver, energy circulation, and to dilate blood vessels.
  • Clinohumite also heals depression, eyesight troubles, relaxes the mind, treats insomnia, and sets the circadian rhythm right.
  • Popular as a spicy kind of stone, Clinohumite stone permits free energy flow through the pelvis and solar plexus chakras.
  • The gem also helps in improving the focus, enhance, creativity and urge to be productive in the owner.  


  • Also called Humite, Clinohumite is a mineral from the silicate oxide group with a hardness count of 6 on the Mohs scale.
  • Clinohumite is not rare, yet exclusive in its occurrence. It is found in the Mahenge Plateau in Tanzania, Mountains of Tajikistan, the Taymyr region of Russia, Mt. Vesuvius in Italy, Llanos de Juanar in Spain, Pargas in Finland, and in the USA.
  • Also popular by the names- hessonite and spessartite garnet, clinohumite radiates colors such as golden yellow, orange, red and dark-brown.
  • The gem has a resinous luster with clarity that spans from transparent to opaque with a yellowish orange fluorescence.