Compassion. Stress. Humanity.

Think of an Angelite stone as your crystal guardian angel. It emits the gentle, reassuring vibes that you need to calm and guide your spirit through difficult moments. 

Angelite healing properties help to heighten your awareness and give protection to your entire body. An angelite stone promotes compassion, peace and heightened humanity. Angelite is a powerful tool to help transform tension, anger and stress into understanding and forgiveness.

Angelite healing properties bring wholeness, spiritual inspiration and deep healing energies. These stones create feelings of peace and tranquility. 

For those with struggle letting go of pain, and reaching a place of true forgiveness, angelite can guide your spirit through that difficult process. Instead feeling buried beneath your pain, angelite lifts you up. It allows you to see situations from a higher perspective. By taking away the control your pain has over you, you can learn to trust and forgive again—even if the person you need to trust and forgive is yourself. Angelite meaning connects you to universal knowledge, helping you to heal through recognizing that all pain passes in time.


  • The energy of vibration within Angelite or Blue Anhydrite gem helps to contact angels and spirit guides in addition to boosting psychic traits in the wearer.
  • An ideal de-stressing natural stone, Angelite is a great amulet for keeping off the emotional turmoil too.
  • The perfect stone to enhance your communication skills, angelite also improves the crown and throat chakra, besides giving clarity for verbal articulation.
  • The stone has intense diuretic attributes and is renowned for aiding weight-loss goals too. 


  • The Angelite stone is available in diverse colors spanning from Sky blue to Pale Blue with small inclusions of Hematite in it.
  • Discovered in late 20th century in Peru, Angelite Stone has a 3.5 hardness count on the Mohs scale.
  • Created out of Anhydrite Gypsum, Angelite can be found in countries such as Peru, Germany, Egypt, Libya, Mexico and Poland.

  • Angelite stones should never be worn during bathing or whenever in contact with water. Upon prolonged exposure to water, the natural stone can melt into the ordinary gypsum too!