Focus. Productivity. Positivity. 

​Alexandrite rouses your creative ability urges you to tune in to your emotions and adjusts your internal voice. It will enable you to accomplish passionate development and urges you to discover happiness in regular day to day existence.

Alexandrite reinforces resolution and helps you to precisely evaluate feelings both yours and others and respond to them fittingly. ​

​Alexandrite improves sentiments of innovativeness. It encourages you to acknowledge change and intense subject matters that run with that change. It is especially valuable for chakra work and back rub including the heart when you wish to quiet sentiments of being lost and have no enthusiasm for seeking after a satisfying profession. This precious stone when put on the third eye will help you in controlling your stress, dread and the inclination that individuals are discussing you despite your good faith.



  • Spiritually, Alexandrite is known to enhance focus and concentration, thus increasing productivity and success too !

  • Alexandrite is also renowned for energizing the physical self in addition to healing terminal diseases such as leukemia, pancreatic disorders and neurological ailments.

  • Yet another valuable addition to using Alexandrite on you is how it shoots up your self-esteem. 

  • Alexandrite is also an ideal match maker. It keeps the romantic flame alive in a relationship and even increases the extent of joy through self-love.


  • One of the costliest among gems, Alexandrite is found in Brazil, Mozambique, Russia, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, India, Myanmar, Madagascar and Tanzania. 

  • Scoring a strong 8.5 for hardness on the Mohs scale. 

  • Alexandrite is a combination of Iron, Titanium and Chromium, which is responsible for the green hue. 

  • Alexandrite effect is the pride of Alexandrite gem where the crystal changes from emerald during the day to ruby at night. The change of colors under different lights on the gem owes it to a phenomenon known as Pleochroism.

  • Discovered two centuries ago, Alexandrite is so rare and tiny in development.