According to gemmologists, every stone has a secret power to induce pious healing in its user. From Indian Ayurveda to ancient Chinese Medicine and Egyptian herbs, the magical effects of natural stones on health, mind and consciousness of man is countless.

Brought to limelight by Edgar Cayce, the stone power in bracelets has been a recent enlightenment to the west. Many natural stones regardless of their preciousness in monetary value are considered therapeutic to the wearer.

Using these natural stones sensibly on your bracelets can reap healthprosperity, confidence, fearlessness, power and luck in life too!

1.    Spiritual Healing

A strong advocate of positive cosmic vibrations and good spirits, specific natural stones are noted for its differing effects on health and mind. While a stone like Opalite is renowned for attracting positive energies, it is also acknowledged as the stone of Eternity. Wearing such a stone will uplift the wearer and provide spiritual protection too.

Natural stones are also notable for providing spiritual strength to battle diseases. Yet another reason behind shopping for stones like Rhyolite is that it also helps to communicate with the dear departed too

2.    Health Benefits

Known to cure numerous physical sicknesses such as heart disorders and migraines, wearing natural stones such as Garnet, also heals blood. Scriptures state that natural stones are a magnet of good health as they also rejuvenate the wearer.

Amber is other noteworthy natural stone men’s bracelets that heal many health problems when worn specific on areas that need healing. Stone Power recommends you to hold a pyrite stone in each hand to meditate on good health to gradually, attain the pink of health!

3.    Emotional Relief

Science advocates that specific natural stones have unnatural abilities to calm and harmonize people. Smoky Quartz is a renowned stone used for people suffering from panic attacks. Smoky Quartz bracelets are used for kick-starting meditation.

Healers advise that natural stones that contain silver can affect hormonal balance and nerve impulses of a person to overhaul their state of mind. Hence, it helps to balance emotions by reflecting negative emotions. After wearing natural stones in your bracelet, you will feel composedsatiated and happy. Buying natural Stone bracelets with Citrine and Moonstone are known to reflect moonlight and disperse negativity.

4.    Subconscious Mind Power and Chakra

A remarkable characteristic of natural stones is that it actively interacts with the subconscious mind. When you wear certain natural stones on the exact chakra locations, your body is energized. The result will be that your mind power will be high and you will experience high creativity, peacegrowth, leadership and activate your inner vision.

Stones like FluoriteGreen Amethyst, Turquoise, Red Garnet and Amber are known to be the best natural stones to activate your Chakra and resolve inner conflicts.

5.    Sleep Problems

Natural stones have an innate power to synchronize your circadian rhythm or body clock. In fact, this biological clock determines the rate of focus, concentration, success and passion we have during the waking hours. When you wear a premium stone bracelet like Peridot, Lepidolite, Hematite or Silver, your sleep is enhanced. The REM sleep stage where restorative processes happen in our body is boosted by wearing a natural stone while sleeping.

These natural stones also induce psychic dreams, decrease stress and increase the blood circulation for a deeper sleep, thus making your waking hours highly productive as well.

6.    Menstrual Relief

A unique and celebrated boon of using natural stones for women’s bracelets is because of its effect on menstruation. Natural Stones like Red and Moonstone are known to alleviate the mood swings and calm the nerves. It can also relieve the excruciating menstrual cramps and make the period pleasant.

If you shop natural stone bracelets like Ruby or Garneton Adrian Jade, your menstrual cramps will be gone forever!

7.    Finding Meaning in Life

A little known benefit of natural stones on the wearer is how it affects him or her, based on the birth chart. Such a chart comprises of the individual birth date and time of a person, which helps to decipher the best stone suitable for him or her. The right stone elevates the natural and hidden strengths to unprecedented caveats.

Natural stones that are relevant to your zodiac sign help to bring about a thrust of energypositivity and fresh strengths in you. Furthermore, Tiger Eye Bracelet is a unique bauble that brings success to the wearer’s life, regardless of their natural stone being different.

The above seven benefits of natural stones help to establish a peaceful, healthy, mindful, satiated and meaningful life to the wearer. While bracelets are worn on any wrist according to your comfort and style, the conventional norm is wearing it on the right hand. Nevertheless spiritually, natural stone bracelets must be worn on the non-dominant hand. 

Making a habit of wearing natural stones for bracelets will also help you discover your skills, passion and boost the metabolism of body and spirit.