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Our Story

Adrian Jade - Our Story


AdrianJade designs boldly sensitive jewelry instilled with an exquisite balance of nature. Drawing inspiration from the nature, along with the influence of architectural, modern art and industrial elements; AdrianJade unearths beauty in the considered manipulation of form and proportion, implementing only the highest quality of semi-precious metals and natural stones.

With a focus on function, each handcrafted design presents an ageless elegance, eternally captivating beyond place or time. Each collection is designed and made in Canada.


Quality is always our Top Priority.

We started as a 2-Men hobby back in 2016 and even though the business expanded greatly in the last 4 years, we continued to make all the bracelets by hand, here in Canada, rather than buying off-the-shelf bracelets from the Far East.

We meticulously quality check every bead 3 times before using them in manufacturing our beaded bracelets. We use only the finest Natural Beads and Solid Sterling Silver with an optional 24karat Gold finish that is 5 times thicker than what the American Jewelry standard recommends.



We believe luxury should be accessible, fun, and part of your everyday.

Our passion is to create timeless pieces of wearable art that challenge the conventional forms in jewelry design. We commit to exceptional craftsmanship and ethical practices, to produce the best quality essentials.

We work extremely hard to source/manufacture the finest natural stone beads from remote places in the world. Once in Canada, our experienced craftsmen use their extreme eye for detail, picking and matching only the best stones/beads for your bracelet. This way we ensure that your bracelet is the very best of what nature has to offer.

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