Labradorite Men's Bracelet-Gold


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  • 24Karat Gold plating over 925 Sterling Silver

  • AdrianJade signature logo on all four sides of 24K Gold plated Solid Sterling Silver Block

  • Handpicked 12mm Natural Gemstone beads

  • Handmade in Canada

  • Free Luxury Gift box

  • Free worldwide delivery

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Why Labradorite bracelet?

  • Labradorite is more commonly known as the “Stone of Destiny” and is useful in balancing the cosmic energies and strengthening the ability to listen to your inner voice.
  • Ancient civilisations used Labradorite to treat disorders of the eyes and brain, stimulate mental acuity and relieve anxiety and stress.
  • Labradorite insecurities and strengthens self-believe. It calms an overactive mind, developing enthusiasm and new ideas.

Learn more about Labradorite here.


Why Sterling Silver?

  • Sterling silver is scientifically proven to be a powerful antimicrobial agent fighting infections and aiding in wound healing
  • Improves blood circulation and general well being

Learn more about Sterling Silver here.

Why buy form us?


Why buy from us?

  • Superior Craftsmanship: Each natural gemstone bead is carefully hand-picked and meticulously quality checked before being used in manufacturing these master-pieces.
  • Solid Sterling Silver block with laser engraved AdrianJade™ signature logo on all four sides. We also do Rhodium coating so the silver doesn't blacken up with usage. 
  • Hand-made in Canada: All our bracelets are hand-made in Canada as per your requirements. You can be assured that our bracelets will fit your wrists perfectly.
  • Happy buyers: 2 out of 3 customers place another order within 30 days. This speaks volume of our customer satisfaction. 


Shipping Information: 

  • All products come with FREE International Delivery 
  • Delivery to North America, South America, UK and Europe takes 2-4 BUSINESS DAYS
  • Delivery to Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, China, Russia, Japan and Rest of the World takes 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS
  • We strive to dispatch all orders within 48hours
  • Customs and Import duties may be applicable on import in certain countries. Customer is resposnible for such taxes, if applicable

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46 customer reviews

Average rating
(based on 46 reviews)
  1. This bracelet is absolutely beautiful and well made

    By G.G Verified Buyer

    This bracelet is absolutely beautiful and well made. Support for the selling was second to none and prompt. I've looked high and low for a quality, simple bracelet and have found it

  2. Would definitely buy again.

    By Musa Verified Buyer

    Lovely bracelets. I've bought 2 bracelets for Christmas presents. . Very good quality and the colour is very vibrant. Would definitely buy again.

  3. Beautiful beads. Fantastic for meditation. Smooth surface. Lovely.

    By Aiden Verified Buyer

    Value wise, I think it is worth the money, however I have purchased it as a special promotion. Thank you so so happy!!! Beautiful beads. Fantastic for meditation. Smooth surface. Lovely.

  4. Very fashionable and affordable price

    By Mike Verified Buyer

    Very fashionable and affordable price!!Love it!! Stylish Beads with nicely featured 24K Gold plated Solid Sterling Silver Block charms.

  5. I was so surprised at how good quality this was

    By Joey Verified Buyer

    I was so surprised at how good quality this was, the beads and the stuff is so strong and it is such a nice bracelet to wear

  6. Bracelet is lovely ..I'm a practising psychic and love the chakra of these beads ...

    By Rupert Verified Buyer

    Bracelet is lovely ..I'm a practising psychic and love the chakra of these beads ... .I'm a man and it now fits perfect

  7. Everyone compliments this bracelet

    By Frank Verified Buyer

    Just received this bracelet and first off I am so happy to say that it fits me just perfectly. Great quality for the price. Everyone compliments this bracelet

  8. These bracelets are beautiful, very pleased with them

    By Harry Verified Buyer

    These bracelets are beautiful, very pleased with them l kept the Norwegian Labradorite bracelet and gave the other two to my sons, they were really chuffed. Love this bracelet and the quality of it. Thanks Adrianjade.

  9. I figured it couldn't hurt to try one on for size!

    By Boris Verified Buyer

    The bracelet is hand made of Norwegian Labradorite stones. The Norwegian Labradorite stones are said to aid in metal balance & harmony. The gems are harvested right from their farm, picking out only the best stones. I figured it couldn't hurt to try one on for size!

  10. it would also make a great gift, and ideal for you if you wanted to send it directly

    By Leon Verified Buyer

    The bracelet is stretchy, so it's sure to fit on wrist as your given sizes and also easy to take on or off. When this beautiful bracelet arrived, it was in an elegant gift packaging, so it would also make a great gift, and ideal for you if you wanted to send it directly.

  11. The bracelet is sturdy and looks like they can stand some wear and tear

    By Kai Verified Buyer

    This bracelet is absolutely gorgeous. The bracelet is sturdy and looks like they can stand some wear and tear. I am so pleased with these bracelets, and my son loves the colors. These are for charity, and they are beautiful.

  12. Its easy to give five stars as this item is excellent and worth them

    By Aled Macklam Verified Buyer

    Its easy to give five stars as this item is excellent and worth them. A beautiful and substantial bracelet. Bought as a gift for my love one and ordered one for myself. Thanks adrianjade :)

  13. The bracelet was fantastic

    By Khalil Lynn Verified Buyer

    I bought this for my best friend for his birthday. The bracelet was fantastic, it arrived really quick in a lovely packaging. I would use this company again. Thanks a lot adrianjade

  14. would make a great gift or just to treat yourself

    By Edmund Freed Verified Buyer

    One of the main properties of Norwegian Labradorite is that it helps people think more clearly, and it certainly has helped me! This would make a great gift or just to treat yourself. Thanks Adrianjade

  15. I like the fact that it fits so snuggly

    By Andrew Bowler Verified Buyer

    I like the fact that it fits so snuggly, It is correct size as I have given on ordering and this bracelet sits perfectly, and feeling comfortably. Thanks ADRIANJADE

  16. Am impressed

    By Jorge Hill Verified Buyer

    Very pleased with delivery and bracelet.. Came in its own packaging...Very nice... It is so well made, So sturdy, so strong and the beads are not lightweight and flimsy, they are made with real quality. i am impressed. Adrianjade is best for male bracelets purchasing

  17. Arrived promptly and well packaged

    By James Gibson Verified Buyer

    Present for a teenager. Very well received. Arrived promptly and well packaged. Very pleased with both service and product." Thank you.

  18. Lovely bracelet

    By Eshaan waddell Verified Buyer

    Lovely bracelet it is come in a very nice packaging which you can gift as its a birthday gift. The Norwegian Labradorite are said to aid in metal balance & harmony. I figured it couldn't hurt to try one on for size!

  19. service was swift

    By Milosz Coulton Verified Buyer

    I really like this and service was swift. Very satisfied with purchase, perfect bracelet, love it, wear it every day . Thanks Adrianjade for Norwegian Labradorite bracelet.

  20. Really Recommended company

    By S. Travis Verified Buyer

    I bought 3 as presents for my Clients. I was little confused about bracelet but when I received the items I was shocked, excellent quality and recommended AdrianJade to friends and colleagues. Thank you :-) " Really Recommended company.

  21. still same as I bought

    By S. Xavier Verified Buyer

    It is very good product and it also come in a nice packaging. I have worn them on and off for about two months now and I noticed that it is still same as I bought. Its really impressive with this Norwegian Labradorite bracelet and would recommend to all my friend for this purchase.

  22. Looks Better than picture

    By Leo Verified Buyer

    Looks Better than picture. It is just better than it. Lovely bracelet I have this Norwegian Labradorite bracelet from last two months and I don't have any complain about it. Its really affective product for Restorive mind and love issues.

  23. Authentic Norwegian Labradorite Bracelet

    By Bhakta Raj Bhatt Verified Buyer

    Authentic Norwegian Labradorite Bracelet looks impressive and I really liked it. I Purchase this bracelet before 2 months ago, and it is as fine as it came, even they don't loose their shine. Good quality of elastic and durable at all, I would recommend to buy.

  24. it's worth the money

    By Alessio Verified Buyer

    It is a lovely bracelet, I think it's worth the money. Happy with my purchase. There is no irritation as they sit very comfortably on the wrist. Would recommend to all

  25. gift for a special guy

    By Sachin Verified Buyer

    I bought this as a gift for a special guy. He loves it and wears it every day. thanks for the best product and recommended company as well. Very nice looking and excellent. Hopefully I will soon order for another one for gift

  26. It looks very similar

    By Mayson Verified Buyer

    Picture is as same as the product..It looks very similar. The beads is nice. Stretchy is helps to go though. It is expensive product look like.

  27. love the look, quality and color.

    By Kymani Verified Buyer

    I looked at this bracelet for a while before I bought it. I bought two, one for me, one for my brother. The quality was there and that size have same as we ordered. The product is fit for both of us. Finally I love the look, quality and color.

  28. quality is excellent

    By Eren Verified Buyer

    Great product. Ordered this after purchasing a bracelet in a boutique that broke, and am happy to say that this one has not broken yet after 8 months! The quality is excellent. This is 100% authentic.

  29. band is heavy

    By Sufyan Verified Buyer

    The bracelet is a heavy and fit for my wrist as I ordered. When I move my hands the bracelet didn't creates any marks on wrist. I can easily rotate it well. A pleasant purchase for something i can use

  30. Shipped very quickly

    By Nataniel Verified Buyer

    Shipped very quickly and product is same as the picture I thought. Very nice colors and the packing is spot on! It's very nice. I love it. :)

  31. Well made and stylist

    By Abu Verified Buyer

    This product is well made and stylist.

  32. love it

    By Asa Verified Buyer

    I love it. Fits as a expected. Much more captivating in person.

  33. Helpful service

    By Fynn Verified Buyer

    Helpful Customer care service, They are very helpful. M happy and satisfied with the product beautiness and Quality

  34. Appreciated

    By Wesley Verified Buyer

    Loved it...It was gifted by my girlfriend and I have to say its fab. I was amazed to see its beautiness. Really Very Appreciated.

  35. Good One.

    By Kylan Verified Buyer

    Nice bracelet. Fitted in my wrist Properly. Good One.

  36. Really Impressive

    By Keaton Verified Buyer

    Very nice bracelet and delivery. Really Impressive

  37. absolutely loving

    By Wyatt Verified Buyer

    I absolutely love this bracelet. It was much nicer than the picture!

  38. nice quality

    By Quinn Verified Buyer

    Love it. Very nice quality. Thankyou Adrianjade

  39. excellent product

    By Buddy Verified Buyer

    Was an excellent product and came very quick

  40. look fab

    By Asher Verified Buyer

    Very pleased with my recent purchase. Well worth the money. It look fab

  41. Beautiful

    By Lincoln Verified Buyer

    Beautiful, nice and pretty! Well packed and delivered in good time. Thank you!

  42. Delicate and Comfortable

    By Nathan Mazzotti Verified Buyer

    I love them. They are very delicate and comfortable to wear. I love the way it looks. I wear them a lot and am so glad I bought them.

  43. Good Postal Service

    By George Cat Verified Buyer

    Bracelet are a great look good and for price outstanding postal service was good overall very happy

  44. Excellent!

    By Alicia Scruton Verified Buyer

    Purchased this wonderful looking Norwegian Labradorite Bracelet for my husband...and he loves it, excellent quality and look a lot more expensive then they were....Highly recommended.

  45. exceptionally pleased

    By William Verified Buyer

    Very good quality and am exceptionally pleased with my purchase. Speedy delivery and would definitely purchase more from you! "

  46. Great Deal

    By Denise Verified Buyer

    Had a great deal on this and it is really lovely. Thank you

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