Jasper Men's Bracelet-Gold


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  • 24Karat Gold plating over 925 Sterling Silver

  • AdrianJade signature logo on all four sides of 24K Gold plated Solid Sterling Silver Block

  • Handpicked 12mm Natural Gemstone beads

  • Handmade in Canada

  • Free Luxury Gift box

  • Free worldwide delivery

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Why buy a Jasper bracelet? 

  • Ancient Egyptian kings wore Jasper amulets, as they believed Jasper increases sexual potency. Hence, Jasper is also known as “The Sex stone”
  • Jasper is best suitable for those that want to improve their energy levels, reduce fatigue and improve metabolism.

Learn more about Jasper here.


Why Sterling Silver?

  • Sterling silver is scientifically proven to be a powerful antimicrobial agent fighting infections and aiding in wound healing
  • Improves blood circulation and general well being

Learn more about Sterling Silver here.

Why buy form us?


Why buy from us?

  • Superior Craftsmanship: Each natural gemstone bead is carefully hand-picked and meticulously quality checked before being used in manufacturing these master-pieces.
  • Solid Sterling Silver block with laser engraved AdrianJade™ signature logo on all four sides. We also do Rhodium coating so the silver doesn't blacken up with usage. 
  • Hand-made in Canada: All our bracelets are hand-made in Canada as per your requirements. You can be assured that our bracelets will fit your wrists perfectly.
  • Happy buyers: 2 out of 3 customers place another order within 30 days. This speaks volume of our customer satisfaction. 


Shipping Information: 

  • All products come with FREE International Delivery 
  • Delivery to North America, South America, UK and Europe takes 2-4 BUSINESS DAYS
  • Delivery to Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, China, Russia, Japan and Rest of the World takes 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS
  • We strive to dispatch all orders within 48hours
  • Customs and Import duties may be applicable on import in certain countries. Customer is resposnible for such taxes, if applicable

42 customer reviews

Average rating
(based on 42 reviews)
  1. Gorgeous! Love wearing them, they are real stones and feel very luxurious.

    By Nikki Pais Verified Buyer

    Stones look great. Gorgeous! Love wearing them, they are real stones and feel very luxurious. Love them beautiful that's for fast delivery

  2. Best natural stone bead bracelet set Ever and especially for the price.

    By Reuben Verified Buyer

    Best natural stone bead bracelet set Ever and especially for the price.
    Its on elastic but is comfortable to wear, and you can restring them on nylon line w a clasp, if you prefer.

  3. lovely colour

    By Zac Verified Buyer

    lovely colour bought as a replacement for one i bought in the dominican republic, when i saw it i couldn't resist. Very speedy delivery and it's beautiful. Thanks Adrianjade.

  4. I really love it to wear, Definitely a superb deal. Thanks Adrianjade

    By George Verified Buyer

    Arrived on time. Looks lovely. Fits me perfectly. Can be worn in a party and any occasion. It's brilliant structure can make it different than other bracelets. I really love it to wear, Definitely a superb deal. Thanks Adrianjade

  5. Beautiful piece of jewellery

    By Zakk Verified Buyer

    Finally, a gift for myself. I am a giver, not a taker and am do pleased with this bracelet I chose for myself.
    It comes in a beautiful gift packaging. This Color could be worn with almost anything.

  6. It represents very good value for money, and it's a lovely design

    By Jude Verified Buyer

    I think that it really is an attractive bracelet, and great for people who particularly enjoy simplicity when it comes to jewelry. It Represents very good value for money, and it's a lovely design. Thanks Adrianjade.

  7. Bought as a present and appreciate my the recipient

    By Charles Verified Buyer

    Bought as a present and appreciate my the recipient. They come on elastic so it can easily wear or remove, I am a spiritual person and believe that beads have different vibrations that heal various different ailments.

  8. What a lovely bracelet

    By Korey BURCH Verified Buyer

    What a lovely bracelet. Looks fab on & really well made. A beautiful and substantial bracelet. Bought as a gift but would love one for myself. thanks for a great product with healing qualities.

  9. The stone beads are absolutely clear and beautiful

    By Harlee Molloy Verified Buyer

    Very pretty. The stone beads are absolutely clear and beautiful. The beads are really cool and smooth against my wrist and the clearness of the beads really enhance any wardrobe. thanks adrianjade

  10. Thanks

    By Layla Pritchard Verified Buyer

    The bracelet was for my husband and he loves it. The colours of the individual stones are beautiful. My husband wears it casually and formally. he always has somebody making a comment on how nice it looks. You can dress up or down when wearing it.

  11. it doesn't fits tightly as others

    By Ewan Price Verified Buyer

    I like this bracelet because it doesn't fits tightly as others, it is same as I given the measured size, there are no bald patches on the string, unlike some other bracelets where stretching can part the beads. I love the quality of the bracelet. thank you so much adrianjade

  12. Beautiful product

    By Humza B Verified Buyer

    I didn't order seeing this picture. But I would have given it 5 stars.. Beautiful product - lightening speed delivery, thank you adrianjade

  13. would also fit larger wrists as it is elasticated

    By William willetts Verified Buyer

    Nice bracelet, the bracelet is the same as in picture, it 's fit on my wrist perfectly as the size of the bracelet is same as I given. It is elasticated also, easy to wear or remove. Looks very stylish and a lovely piece of jewelry. Thanks AdrianJade

  14. best stones

    By Fahad Dawson Verified Buyer

    This is a beautiful piece of Jewelry. Excellent service as always." The gems are harvested right from their farm, picking out only the best stones. The beads on my bracelet are exquisite. I couldn't have hand picked better beads myself.

  15. Very satisfied product

    By Odin Dykes Verified Buyer

    Great looking bracelet. Very satisfied with purchase. Thank you AdrianJade."

  16. Excellent product and came very quick

    By Ben Kennedy Verified Buyer

    Excellent product and came very quick. The AdrianJade system worked really well, the service by AdrianJade was first class, the bracelet arrived before the stated date and is of very good quality and great value. the father is very pleased with his gift. Would certainly use AdrianJade.

  17. Lovely bracelet, love the fastenings on these

    By Daniel Janneh Verified Buyer

    Lovely bracelet, love the fastenings on these. This bracelet is so nice and I love this color too. Brilliant price. It's a good quality bracelet which makes for a lovely gift. Thanks AdrianJade for the lovely presents for men

  18. very pleased with the product

    By Dominik P. Verified Buyer

    I was very pleased with the product the deliver scale time and the help I received would recommend your company. My bracelets arrived speedily through AdrianJade. They were well packaged and I love it.

  19. You can't ignore if you are the lover of jasper bracelet.

    By Mr. Jason Verified Buyer

    I love this bracelet. The Natural Jasper stones are really original. As when we purchase something we have always doubt is it real or fake?. but after use it I came to know that the beads are so real and you can't ignore if you are the lover of jasper bracelet.

  20. Very high quality, my girlfriend loves it.

    By Muhammad Verified Buyer

    Very high quality, my girlfriend loves it. Actually She gifted me this bracelet and she also love it so much. When I go with this bracelet it gets so much complement, which makes me so proudy seriously, I want to really thanks to her for this beautiful gift and AdrianJade for the lovely products

  21. I gave this as a present

    By Phoebe Verified Buyer

    I gave this as a present and he absolutely adored it! Amazing and Lovely bracelet! Met every expectation that I had! Came quickly with a very relevant packaging.

  22. I love this bracelet.

    By Kodi Verified Buyer

    Well crafted fine detail at a good value! ': ) I love beads and this is one of the best designs I have seen. The quality is stunning, the simplicity is elegant, the natural stone beads is a huge bonus and so easy to get on by yourself with the stretchy bracelet . I love this bracelet.

  23. Would buy more

    By Sam Verified Buyer

    Very trendy bracelet. I purchased this for my son. He loves wearing it. It's very light and easy to put on and remove. I think this is the authentic bracelet. Would buy more

  24. it's perfect!

    By Salman Verified Buyer

    This item is great! Love the weight of the beads and how it matches exactly what I ordered! I was afraid the detail of the bracelet would be a hack job but it's perfect!

  25. Exactly as web page

    By Mikhail Verified Buyer

    Exactly what I saw on the web page is exactly what I got- couldn't be happier! I bought it for my teenage son and he loves it. Nicely made and the Adrianjade is very conscientious. 5 stars.

  26. pretty and comfortable

    By Arron Verified Buyer

    It's a great bracelet, really pretty and comfortable, beads are pretty good quality. I like the elastic band, its totally fits on my wrist. I like the way that you have created this bracelet. Thank you seller.

  27. better quality

    By Tyrone Verified Buyer

    Bought this bracelet because it seemed like better quality compared to other and it is same as my thought. I am impressed with your product. Thank you.

  28. Great product

    By Deniz Verified Buyer

    Delivered as stated, Great product will recommend. It is so versatile and can be wear casual or formal

  29. Eye-Catching Natural Jasper Bracelet

    By Teddie Verified Buyer

    Was an excellent product and came very quick . I liked its Quality too. Eye-Catching products which bagged lots of nice comments from the viewers

  30. happy

    By Georgie Verified Buyer

    I am very happy with the bracelet. Definitely good value for the money!.

  31. Fast delivery

    By Kobe Verified Buyer

    Fast delivery, love the bracelet, thank you so much

  32. Looks beautiful

    By Shaun Verified Buyer

    It looks beautiful. The price is low enough. Superb deal to say

  33. delightful bracelet

    By Rudy Verified Buyer

    This is delightful bracelet. I bought for my son was very lovely! It was a positive point that can be easily wear or can easily remove from hand because of its stretchy body. Thanks so much Adrianjade

  34. Thank you :-)

    By Hussain Verified Buyer

    I bought 5 for all our group of friends. It is unique. Thank you :-) "

  35. Pride of wardrobe

    By Ivan Verified Buyer

    A great bracelet to anyone's wardrobe. Have worn it everyday & evening out since it arrived, which it did promptly.

  36. very informative

    By Troy Verified Buyer

    The bracelet is exactly as described, came very quickly and the e-mails with updates were very informative!

  37. efficient service

    By Casey Verified Buyer

    The service from this Adrianjade was very efficient and I am very pleased with the product

  38. No Hesitation in Again Order

    By Callum Willetts Verified Buyer

    First time using your site and was very pleased with my purchase. Would have no hesitation in ordering from you again.

  39. stunning Bracelet

    By Jonathan Wood Verified Buyer

    Lovely Jasper Bracelet and came well packed and very fast delivery

  40. Original quirky gift

    By Neama Zekeem Verified Buyer

    Natural Picture Luxury Gold Bracelet looks good well made and strikingly attractive my partner is going to love this gift.

  41. pleased quality

    By Michael Verified Buyer

    very pleased with the quality of this piece of jewellery, worth every penny x

  42. Great

    By Sara Verified Buyer

    Great. No Words to express my feelings

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