Howlite Bracelet-Silver


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  • Solid 925 Sterling Silver

  • Rhodium plating to prevent blackening of Silver

  • AdrianJade signature logo on all four sides of silver block

  • Handpicked 12mm natural gemstone beads

  • Hand-made in Canada

  • Free Luxury Gift box

  • Free worldwide delivery

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Why buy Howlite Bracelet?

  • Howlite, also known as “Stone of Reasoning” is best known for brining in emotional well-being and improving one’s attitude.
  • Howlite aids in dispelling anger, resentfulness and selfishness and allows one to look inside for answers.
  • It’s perfect for those want to get rid of procrastination and want better control over their minds. 

Learn more about Howlite here.


Why Sterling Silver?

  • Sterling silver is scientifically proven to be a powerful antimicrobial agent fighting infections and aiding in wound healing

  • Improves blood circulation and general well being

Learn more about Sterling Silver here.

Why buy form us?


Why buy from us?

  • Superior Craftsmanship: Each natural gemstone bead is carefully hand-picked and meticulously quality checked before being used in manufacturing these master-pieces.
  • Solid Sterling Silver block with laser engraved AdrianJade™ signature logo on all four sides. We also do Rhodium coating so the silver doesn't blacken up with usage. 
  • Hand-made in Canada: All our bracelets are hand-made in Canada as per your requirements. You can be assured that our bracelets will fit your wrists perfectly.
  • Happy buyers: 2 out of 3 customers place another order within 30 days. This speaks volume of our customer satisfaction. 


Shipping Information: 

  • All products come with FREE International Delivery 
  • Delivery to North America, South America, UK and Europe takes 2-4 BUSINESS DAYS
  • Delivery to Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, China, Russia, Japan and Rest of the World takes 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS
  • We strive to dispatch all orders within 48hours
  • Customs and Import duties may be applicable on import in certain countries. Customer is resposnible for such taxes, if applicable

55 customer reviews

Average rating
(based on 55 reviews)
  1. Light and pretty.

    By Bailey Verified Buyer

    Light and pretty. Better on wrist as don't hang 'heavy' like another bracelets might. Very pretty bracelet. And I would definitely recommend this deal to everyone.

  2. Lovely bracelet and the colour of the beads are fabulous.

    By Kasper Verified Buyer

    Really lovely beautifully made beads.
    Great to meditate with.
    Lovely bracelet and the colour of the beads are fabulous.

  3. Very good quality and the colors are very vibrant. Would definitely buy again.

    By Adam Verified Buyer

    Lovely bracelets. I've bought them for Christmas presents. Very good quality and the colors are very vibrant. Would definitely buy again.

  4. Beautiful bracelet

    By Joey Verified Buyer

    Beautiful bracelet. I bought a few other colours as well as they look lovely together as well as on their own. Thanks Adrianjade.

  5. I love this bracelet exactly as described arrived on time

    By Ryan Verified Buyer

    I love this bracelet exactly as described arrived on time would definitely recommend to friends and the stones are aslo very beautiful.

  6. Love these beads, it now feels wrong when not wearing it.

    By Leon Verified Buyer

    Love these beads, it now feels wrong when not wearing it. Really Recommended. Will definitely purchase again from this site now.

  7. This gemstone bracelet are a really pretty & simple design

    By Blake Verified Buyer

    This gemstone bracelet are a really pretty & simple design. It is really stylish, and if you're not buying it for yourself, it would make a great gift! With all of this in mind, I'm really happy to recommend it.

  8. It is very well made.

    By Callum Verified Buyer

    It is very well made. The cord is very flexible making it very easy to remove and put back on. It does not clamp on your wrist very tightly making it very comfortable at the same time it is very secure.

  9. Very lovely Howlite bracelet, really nice beads

    By harley Verified Buyer

    Very lovely Howlite bracelet, really nice beads. Very pleased with this product! I genuinely think they work

  10. Lovely quality, nice packaging

    By Rowan Verified Buyer

    Lovely quality, nice packaging. Not a bad fit if just on the large size slightly but I have tiny wrists as I choose the the wrong size. Great price, great purchase!

  11. A very nice bracelet.

    By Michael Verified Buyer

    Very well made item.Real bargain. Looks far more expensive.Love it! A very nice bracelet.

  12. Arrived earlier than expected, secure packaging, lovely product!

    By Ollie Verified Buyer

    Love these beads, it now feels wrong not wearing them. Arrived earlier than expected, secure packaging, lovely product! Exactly as described. Excellent quality.

  13. This bracelet is gorgeous

    By Kimmy Verified Buyer

    This bracelet is gorgeous. This is a great fit and wonderful color this is shiny which I think makes it very elegant. It come in a little brown bag which I think is very cute.

  14. Very pretty and expensive looking

    By Blake Verified Buyer

    Very pretty and expensive looking. Ordered this bracelet before, lovely and make a lovely gift.

  15. Love the style!

    By Dexter Verified Buyer

    Great looks really nice on! Love the style!

  16. If this is your style you can buy one, as the product doesn't cost a fortune

    By Paul Verified Buyer

    If this is your style you can buy one, as the product doesn't cost a fortune. I really do love the variation of white color of each bead that is unique. And also remains cool even wears it all the time. Absolutely great gift for yourself!

  17. Good value all round. Would recommend to others.

    By Samuel Verified Buyer

    Nice bracelet, with some great matching stones. Very comfortable to wear and discrete. Good value all round. Would recommend to others.

  18. Lovely present for a friend

    By Roxana Verified Buyer

    Lovely present for a friend. Just received this bracelet beautiful I also love it I'm now going to shop for me to get some more pieces for myself! Thank You

  19. This is beautiful gemstone bracelets.

    By Daniel Verified Buyer

    This is beautiful gemstone bracelets.. I Love you please bracelets! They are pretty, lightweight, and durable! I gave them out to my yoga students at our retreat and everyone loved them!

  20. Love these bracelets

    By Harvey Verified Buyer

    Love these bracelets. This is a fantastic bracelet it's very strong bracelet it is made extremely well the beads used are natural Howlite beads, the beads have interesting white color patterns and formations.

  21. this is a very high quality bracelet to get at an excellent price

    By Evan Verified Buyer

    This is an awesome bracelet! It's so pretty and complements any skintone. It can go with anything as well since it's a neutral color. It has a stretchy band so it can fit comfortably and easily can take on or off. I think this is a very high quality bracelet to get at an excellent price.

  22. Exactly as pictured

    By Sol Hobbs Verified Buyer

    It is a satisfactory product and will purchase from your site again. It is exactly as picture and hopefully I will definitely come next time on this site again.

  23. Stunning , feels expensive

    By Braydon Gemma Verified Buyer

    Stunning , feels expensive , one of the nicest bracelets have now in my collection. Would recomended company surely. Love to wear it, it can be wear occasionally and formally too

  24. My new fave bracelet

    By Huxley willetts Verified Buyer

    Has quickly become my favourite bracelet, I love bead bracelets and these are far better quality than the beads I used to buy from your usual generic high street stores, albeit for the higher price.

  25. better fit

    By Finn Whelan Verified Buyer

    I recommend this bracelet to anyone who likes beads......also it comes in a nice packaging for gifting, if that is your plan. Thanks Adrianjade for feeling me great.

  26. bracelet

    By Laurie rooks Verified Buyer

    Really nice bracelet. Super value. Beautiful bracelet and excellent service and communication. Thank you adrianjade for this pleasant gift product.

  27. ideal for day or night wear

    By Kodi Landi Verified Buyer

    Love this bracelet.quick and excellent service. I didn't order seeing this picture. Very pretty indeed, with my purchase, Goes so will with a Howlite. ideal for day or night wear..and because Howlite is so light in colour, goes well with what ever colour you are wearing.

  28. Thanks Adrianjade

    By Harlow Barton Verified Buyer

    The stones are smooth and shiny and the bracelet slips easily onto your wrist. Love these Howlite Beads. This bracelet is really different from other bracelet which I have purchased before. Thanks Adrianjade

  29. Would definitely recommended company

    By Peter Verified Buyer

    This bracelet is well made with the beads being strung on an elastic that seems to be very durable (I wear it in the shower and have caught it on things more than once) meaning that it is one of the few jewelery items that I can happily wear to work without fear of losing the stones! Excellent quality. Would definitely recommended company.

  30. It is an expensive looking product

    By Jay Verified Buyer

    I am first time purchasing from this site and I want to say that I am very pleased with the quality and weight of the bracelet. Would recommend to all. It is an expensive looking product but with a very cheap amount, so I liked this deal thanks AdrianJade

  31. Very comfortable

    By Theo Verified Buyer

    What a nice product. It shine and appreance cann't be dull very quickly and left its nice marks on ur mind. Its is still good after 2 months as my friend bracelet which was from other brand, fell down. But touchwood my bracelet is much better than his. elasticity is more comfortable in wearing, easy to wear or take off.

  32. I would recommend this product

    By Harry Verified Buyer

    This is really pretty & good value for the quality. The elastic is strong & there is some weight to the bracelet. I have brought a matching one for my brother & I would recommend this product

  33. Everyone loved them :)

    By Fahad Verified Buyer

    As described, it has very nice quality. Received within time frame for delivery. Individually packed and made great gifts!! Everyone loved them :) Thanks for the best experience, really recommended company

  34. am very pleased.

    By Eshaan Verified Buyer

    Very well packaged and came with a very fast delivery.The bracelet is very nice with a very good value. I purchased it for a gift and am very pleased.

  35. Comfy and beautiful

    By Landon Verified Buyer

    Comfy and beautiful. Real bracelet at real price. Great condition. My son loves it. Thanks for this best experience. Would recommend this company to all friends and office staff definitely as soon i will purchase some more bracelets of this kind. Thanks

  36. bracelet is beautiful

    By Huey Verified Buyer

    I love this bracelet. I'm going to be honest, I really didn't read much about the bracelet instead I was looking at the stock pictures of it and fell in love with it. I have been wearing it since I received it and have gotten many compliments on it. The bracelet is beautiful. Its made durable and high quality. The beads are gorgeous. It is so unique.

  37. Heavy bracelet

    By Shea Verified Buyer

    This bracelet is just lovely. It is a nice heavy bracelet that stretches to put on. The beads are just the right size for me.

  38. Like for most part

    By Alexandru Verified Buyer

    I like it for the most part. If you wear this with other stuff where it has no movement, I think you're good. Still like it and am keeping it.

  39. Eye-Catching Natural Howlite Luxury Silver Bracelet

    By Baxter Verified Buyer

    Lovely Eye-catching Bracelet. It is so versatile and can be wear casual or formal

  40. Thank You.

    By Saif Verified Buyer

    Bracelet is lovely, elegant and simple. Loved the quality of the bracelet. Thank You."

  41. pleased gift

    By Lyna Verified Buyer

    The husband is very pleased with his gift and It is so versatile and can be wear casual or formal. Would buy again definitely

  42. Beautiful and Gorgeous

    By Hamzah Verified Buyer

    Beautiful and Gorgeous item. I was going to present it and I knew that he would also loved it too much

  43. looked gorgeous

    By Tony Verified Buyer

    These BRACELET looked gorgeous. all commented on how lovely that was. It is so unique. Loved it

  44. happy gift

    By Henri Verified Buyer

    I am really pleased with this bracelet. Thankyou so much for this happy gift

  45. Seriously impressed

    By Dennis Verified Buyer

    The bracelet arrived promptly and were very beautiful. it was same as the site was showing. It is seriously impressed.

  46. Fast delivery

    By Dean Verified Buyer

    Fast delivery and nice chunky bracelet. Nice collection

  47. look fantastic

    By Haris Verified Buyer

    I love them, it look fantastic!

  48. Excellent service!

    By Phoenix Verified Buyer

    Excellent service! and lovely product!

  49. Nice product

    By Reuben Zarraga Verified Buyer

    Pleased with the product, obviously the discount was unbelievable and the Bracelet was beautiful.

  50. Beautiful Bracelet with its Worth

    By Henry Waters Verified Buyer

    Beautiful Bracelet Delay in delivery but worth the wait thank you

  51. Wow !!!!

    By Lisa Gallagher Verified Buyer

    Excellent quality of the product and reliable supplier, buying not for the first time. Well done, guys!

  52. Beautiful!

    By Janki Varsani Verified Buyer

    I bought it as an extra present for a nephew's 21st birthday and He loved it!

  53. Great bracelet

    By Dr Donald Verified Buyer

    Beautiful my son will love Howlite Bracelet as his Birthday present really good value for the money

  54. Excellent Service

    By Scott Verified Buyer

    Beautiful bracelet and excellent service and communication. Thank you

  55. Excellent Product

    By Sana Verified Buyer

    Excellent product and came very quick.

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