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Moss Agate-Silver Bracelet

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Moss Agate-Silver Bracelet




The ancient Egyptian warriors believed agate brought protection against natural disasters such as thunder and storms. Persians believed that an agate bracelet could be used to deliver a powerful speech. Chinese warriors believed that agate bracelet brings spiritual protection, and could stimulate one’s life force while cleansing their mind to make space for good luck and fortune. 

Agate is best for those who are seeking the fortitude for long-lasting endurance. If you are struggling with addiction or to implement healthy habits, agate bracelet is beneficial for manifesting goals, seeing things through and providing soft and steady support. Learn more about Agate here.

True Identity: Monk-like inner-peace



  • Solid 925 sterling silver
  • Hand-picked premium quality natural beads free from dyes and/or harsh chemicals
  • Perfect fit, Made to Order
  • Handmade in Canada
  • Complimentary Storage Box
  • Complimentary FedEx Express worldwide Delivery

Size Guide

Bracelet Size

Wrist size in cm

Wrist size in inches


14-15.5 cm

5.5-6.1 inches


15.5-17 cm

6.1-7 inches


17-18.5 cm

7-7.5 inches


18.5-20 cm

7.5-8 inches



8-8.5 inches

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