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Jasper - Benefits and Properties

October 06 2019 – Adrian Jade

Jasper - Benefits and Properties-Adrian Jade

Jasper - Benefits and Properties-Adrian Jade

Jasper: The Sex Stone 

Sexual Potency. Rejuvenation. Fertility

Jasper has long been associated with magical powers in just about every culture known to man. 

The ancient Egyptians wore Jasper beaded bracelets, as this gemstone was believed to increase sexual energy. According to the Bible, it was a direct gift from God and would be the first foundation stone of the New Jerusalem. Also, both Indians in Asia as well as Native Americans see it as a magical rain stone.

It is an opaque and fine-grained variety, composed mostly of Chalcedony, microcrystalline Quartz, in association with other minerals, which is what gives it those colourful bands and patterns. It is found in almost all colours.

A wide variety of this gemstone is found in the western areas of the United States; California, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, and Washington.

Properties of Jasper:

Legend says that Jasper was used to driving away evil spirits and protect the bearer against snake and spider bites. In the fourth century, it was thought to bring about the rain when used correctly. 

Traditionally, when worn as a decorative necklace, this gemstone is known to combat fatigue and tiredness. It aligns the chakras and balances the yin/yang energies and thereby stabilizes the body, mind and soul.

When laid on therapeutically, the red version of this stone stimulates sexuality and fertility. Red-brown Jasper is particularly beneficial in the treatment of liver, spleen and pancreas issues.

Zodiac Properties:

  • Jasper is the recommended stone for Scorpio, Aries and Virgo
  • It is associated with planets Pluto, Mercury, Mars
  • It symbolizes will power, and in the Middle Ages, it was known as the Warrior’s Stone.
  • Legends mention that Jasper adorned the sword of the Dragon-slayer Siegfried that killed Fafnir.

Chakra Properties:

Jasper, in general, is known to align all the Chakras simultaneously. More specifically though:

  • Yellow Jasper works specifically with the 2nd, Sacral Chakra while the Red and the black ones are associated with the 1st, Root/Base Chakra.
  • Leopard skin Jasper has properties of protecting 2nd, Sacral Chakra but is associated mainly with the 1st, Root/Base Chakra
  • Ocean Jasper is associated with the 4th, Heart Chakra

Benefits of Jasper:

  • Jasper stands for the combined powers of Fire and Earth.
  • It is a natural stone that is widely popular for curing serious physical illnesses such as Sciatica, Low Blood Circulation, Foot Problems, Stomach Pain and Pancreatic disorders too.
  • It activates the Base Chakra and was known to be the rain bringer to Native Americans. This stone stands for prosperity, fertility, protection and to block intimidations.

Disclaimer: Metaphysical and Alternative Crystal Healing Powers and Properties are not to be taken as confirmed advice. Traditional, Ceremonial and Mythological Gemstone Lore is collected from various resources and is not the sole opinion of AdrianJade.com or the company. This information is not to replace the advice of your doctor. Should you have any medical conditions, please see a licensed medical practitioner. AdrianJade.com does not guarantee any claims or statements of healing or astrological birthstone powers and cannot be held liable under any circumstances.

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