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How Modern Men Distinguish themselves from "Ordinary" Men?

October 04 2019 – Adrian Jade

How Modern Men Distinguish themselves from "Ordinary" Men?-Adrian Jade

How Modern Men Distinguish themselves from "Ordinary" Men?-Adrian Jade

Rule number one for being fashionable is; you have to break many stereotypes. Jewelry for men is no exception.

For instance, there is a common perception among people that jewelry is not for men. But why?

Do only women have a right to act, look and feel bold and stylish? Definitely no! Like all the ladies out there, men also have a right to look stylish and up-to-date.

So this post is all about men jewelry, their styles and designs and where men can place an order for premium quality stuff online.

Let’s get started without wasting time anymore.

Why jewelry for Men is important?

There is another question to counter this one; why can’t men wear jewelry? Is this any rule written in a holy book that men aren’t supposed to wear jewelry? If no and definitely no, then why people stereotype this subject. If they like to wear different accessories, let them.

The next part of this post will shed light on different type of accessories men can wear to prove their style potential.

Which Jewelry should Men wear in 2020 to stand out from others? 

Here's the most popular jewelry for men to wear in 2020 and beyond:

· Bracelets

You can get yourself a beaded bracelet for men from Adrian Jade’s online store. Adrian Jade designs boldly sensitive men’s bracelets instilled with an exquisite balance of nature.

Drawing inspiration from nature, along with the influence of architectural, modern art and industrial elements; AdrianJade unearths beauty in the considered manipulation of form and proportion, implementing only the highest quality of semi-precious metals and natural stones.

Men’s bracelets come in many types, for example, Broad metal bands, Strings and rope cords, Rubber made bands, Beaded bracelets, Leather cuffs, I.D. Bracelets, Health bands, Gold bracelets and Silver bracelets.

· Chains

Another popular accessory for men are the chains.

Men’s jewelry has evolved completely in the last few years, now more of a fashion accessory than anything else. Necklace and chain dealers have observed a high demand after giant brands like Prada has launched chains as a product.

And from high to low, even those unlikely fellas from reality TV show Love Island have been dolling up their perma-tanned torsos with online jewelry retailer observing a 500 percent increase in sales of chains necklaces while the show was on the air. These chains are available in many different designs and materials as per the affordability of a consumer.

The price range for these chains can range between $5-$1000 depending on the size, design, and material. In some cases, the prices are higher than this one because the chain is made of gold or platinum.

· Rings

Rings can complement a graceful manly personality if chosen rightly.

Like any accessory, less is often more with rings. This means you aren’t supposed to wear a ring on every single finger of your hand; one or two rings would be enough.

The best advice for styling is to go for minimal, yet classy. Like every other jewelry, rings also come in different varieties, thus, the price range varies accordingly.

· Stud Earrings

Studs/earrings for men are also one of a kind jewelry items for fashionable men. However, they have to pick them based on their dressing style.

Women can change jewelry according to what they are wearing that day, but men don’t change that frequently. They wear the same stud for many days, that’s why you need to purchase studs based on their personal style.

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