Instilling the ornamental, spiritual, physical, astrological and aesthetical values in people, natural stones also hold a status symbol for many of its wearers today.

The omnipotence and might of wearing a natural stone depend on the wearer, the stone and the chemistry between both. Nevertheless, every stone affects its wearer and their life, negatively or positively.

The following comprises of seven celebrities who are discussed synonymously with their exquisite taste in men’s bracelets made of natural stones.


David Beckham

Often seen with his favorite natural stone- the diamonds, Beckham also wears platinum, gemstones and beads as jewelry.  

With a close shaven hairstyle and the captivating glitter of multiple natural stones, Beckham has set an arresting example to men all around on picking natural stone bracelets.

Personally, his favorite natural stones are bloodstone, tiger’s eye and rutilated quartz. Each is known for its specific benefits such as bloodstone promotes stamina while tiger’s eye enhances energy flow and rutilated quartz boosts creativity, simultaneously healing mind and body.  

Known for being the eye candy of English Professional football, David Beckham is also the idol jewelry aficionados of men’s fashion today. He is mostly spotted with diamond earrings or beaded bracelets.




Johnny Depp -


Johnny Depp

A prominent name amongst Hollywood stars who flaunt jewelry elegantly, Johnny Depp is also known for his exquisite taste and knowledge of the power of natural stones.

He highlights a flamboyant style of wearing beaded bracelets, pendants and rings with natural stones.

Captain Jack Sparrow is celebrated for his vivacious elegance when paired with natural stones men’s bracelets.

The most celebrated look of Johnny Depp is with leather or natural stone bracelets.

Depp is also hailed for his support to causes such as Children’s Hospice and he religiously wears his bracelets in memory of the two lovely children after whom the design was made posthumously.



Mark Anthony


A name known to most historians and literati, Mark Anthony is said to have wooed his lover and the epitome of beauty- Cleopatra with selective natural stones.

History says that Mark loved gemstones the best among natural stones and used to gift it frequently to his beloved Cleopatra.

Once, Mark aspired to spend a huge fortune on Opal he had noticed with a Roman Senator. Mark offered the senator two options- either to run for his life far away from Rome or sell his ring.  Rumors say that, the senator declined and ran for his life, which disturbed the peace and health of infamous politician of ancient Rome!


Kanye West

Popular for asserting an emphatic bling with jewelry, Kanye West is another trending celebrity with hefty investments in shamballa and designer style men’s natural stone bracelets.

Kanye is best renowned for his powerful Hindu Base Chakra bracelet that boasts exuberant powers and merits for its wearer. 

Kanye’s bracelet is known to harbor virtues like stability, fortune and rooting (removing distractions).

The natural stones in Kanye’s life have proved to increase his prosperity and fame since wearing it.

Moreover, lately many more celebrities like Sienna Miller, Katy Perry and Cheryl Cole have picked up the trend too!



Liam Hemsworth - 

Liam Hemsworth

Selective about powerful natural stones, Liam Hemsworth has set a strongly masculine standard to natural stones in men’s accessories.

A favorite celebrity of the age, the hunger games celebrity is also a fan of tiger eye bracelets for men.

Notoriously known for his $100k proposal to Miley Cyrus with a natural stone, Hemsworth has been renowned for having an avid taste in jewelries. 

The pair is also known for introducing daring men’s and women’s bracelets as the hottest trend too!




David Guetta -


David Guetta

The celebrated French DJ of the age, David Guetta also reveres the magic of natural stones.

The artiste fancies multiple bracelets mostly in shamballa style.  

The wristlets are known to be more than merely ornamental trinkets as they also possess spiritual values proven to be beneficial for his artistic career.

Cheering for Guetta, Beyonce is also spotted wearing bracelets with natural stones on his gigs. At the Euro 2016, David Guetta was seen wearing multiple bracelets of a wide array of colors from blue to olive green.




Justin Bieber -


Justin Bieber

Yet another infamous pop idol, Justin Bieber takes an interest in black beaded bracelets. An ideally synonymous one to check while on Adrian Jade is Grade AAA Natural Black Onyx stones favored for their creative and healing powers.

Bieber is also spotted with crystal beads such as Persian Agate bracelets. News proves that Bieber gets lesser criticism than he used to, before wearing the bracelets!

In the leaves of history, we find many anecdotes of how natural stones have proved be the diadem of vanquish or victory for its wearer. Additionally, men have conquered megalithic lands while drawing on the powers of jewelry made of natural stones that they wore.


Natural stones are the hottest trend at present owing to their countless therapeutic values like this Adrian jade beauty. When you wear a bracelet that fits your aura, birth chart and needs, you command a powerful spirit, body and mind as well! 





According to gemmologists, every stone has a secret power to induce pious healing in its user. From Indian Ayurveda to ancient Chinese Medicine and Egyptian herbs, the magical effects of natural stones on health, mind and consciousness of man is countless.

Brought to limelight by Edgar Cayce, the stone power in bracelets has been a recent enlightenment to the west. Many natural stones regardless of their preciousness in monetary value are considered therapeutic to the wearer.

Using these natural stones sensibly on your bracelets can reap health, prosperity, confidence, fearlessness, power and luck in life too!

1.    Spiritual Healing

A strong advocate of positive cosmic vibrations and good spirits, specific natural stones are noted for its differing effects on health and mind. While a stone like Opalite is renowned for attracting positive energies, it is also acknowledged as the stone of Eternity. Wearing such a stone will uplift the wearer and provide spiritual protection too.

Natural stones are also notable for providing spiritual strength to battle diseases. Yet another reason behind shopping for stones like Rhyolite is that it also helps to communicate with the dear departed too!

2.    Health Benefits

Known to cure numerous physical sicknesses such as heart disorders and migraines, wearing natural stones such as Garnet, also heals blood. Scriptures state that natural stones are a magnet of good health as they also rejuvenate the wearer.

Amber is other noteworthy natural stone men’s bracelets that heal many health problems when worn specific on areas that need healing. Stone Power recommends you to hold a pyrite stone in each hand to meditate on good health to gradually, attain the pink of health!

3.    Emotional Relief

Science advocates that specific natural stones have unnatural abilities to calm and harmonize people. Smoky Quartz is a renowned stone used for people suffering from panic attacks. Smoky Quartz bracelets are used for kick-starting meditation.

Healers advise that natural stones that contain silver can affect hormonal balance and nerve impulses of a person to overhaul their state of mind. Hence, it helps to balance emotions by reflecting negative emotions. After wearing natural stones in your bracelet, you will feel composed, satiated and happy. Buying natural Stone bracelets with Citrine and Moonstone are known to reflect moonlight and disperse negativity.

4.    Subconscious Mind Power and Chakra

A remarkable characteristic of natural stones is that it actively interacts with the subconscious mind. When you wear certain natural stones on the exact chakra locations, your body is energized. The result will be that your mind power will be high and you will experience high creativity, peace, growth, leadership and activate your inner vision.

Stones like Fluorite, Green Amethyst, Turquoise, Red Garnet and Amber are known to be the best natural stones to activate your Chakra and resolve inner conflicts.

5.    Sleep Problems

Natural stones have an innate power to synchronize your circadian rhythm or body clock. In fact, this biological clock determines the rate of focus, concentration, success and passion we have during the waking hours. When you wear a premium stone bracelet like Peridot, Lepidolite, Hematite or Silver, your sleep is enhanced. The REM sleep stage where restorative processes happen in our body is boosted by wearing a natural stone while sleeping.

These natural stones also induce psychic dreams, decrease stress and increase the blood circulation for a deeper sleep, thus making your waking hours highly productive as well.

6.    Menstrual Relief

A unique and celebrated boon of using natural stones for women’s bracelets is because of its effect on menstruation. Natural Stones like Red and Moonstone are known to alleviate the mood swings and calm the nerves. It can also relieve the excruciating menstrual cramps and make the period pleasant.

If you shop natural stone bracelets like Ruby or Garneton Adrian Jade, your menstrual cramps will be gone forever!

7.    Finding Meaning in Life

A little known benefit of natural stones on the wearer is how it affects him or her, based on the birth chart. Such a chart comprises of the individual birth date and time of a person, which helps to decipher the best stone suitable for him or her. The right stone elevates the natural and hidden strengths to unprecedented caveats.

Natural stones that are relevant to your zodiac sign help to bring about a thrust of energy, positivity and fresh strengths in you. Furthermore, Tiger Eye Bracelet is a unique bauble that brings success to the wearer’s life, regardless of their natural stone being different.

The above seven benefits of natural stones help to establish a peaceful, healthy, mindful, satiated and meaningful life to the wearer. While bracelets are worn on any wrist according to your comfort and style, the conventional norm is wearing it on the right hand. Nevertheless spiritually, natural stone bracelets must be worn on the non-dominant hand.

Making a habit of wearing natural stones for bracelets will also help you discover your skills, passion and boost the metabolism of body and spirit. 





Spanning from the Great Pyramid of Cheops that boast as the lone limestone wonder of the ancient world, there are endless monuments that show how our ancestors utilized natural stones. Crystals have been one of the natural wonders much appreciated across diverse cultures and religions. They tapped the power of these natural wonders and used it for architectural, healing, spiritual, religious and social reforms. 

Accessorizing your wardrobe with appropriate natural stones can also make you excel and discover your hidden powers. Bible advocates that crystals are necessary for spiritual growth. Wearing men’s natural stones bracelets is said to reflect the glory of god in its shine.

Egyptian Folklore on Lapis Lazuli 

The revered fans of the healing power of natural stones, Egyptian culture boasts therapeutic qualities of stones like Lapis Lazuli, Onyx and Quartz. Although the meanings are spiritual, Egyptians believed that Lapis Lazuli stones must be adorned on their King and Queen to enhance the ruler’s enlightenment. Bible states that the High Priest wore Lapis Lazuli as the fifth stone on his breastplate too.

History has many times misnamed the stone as sapphire, but the medicinal qualities of the stone make it distinct. Including the sarcophagus of King Tut laid with Lapis and the scarabs of ancient Egypt, Lapis Lazuli was known to be a natural stone that uplifted the status of its wearer to God!


Importance of Quartz in Greek mythology  

Popular as the ‘light of mankind’ in history, Quartz is a natural stone that was vital to Greek mythologies. Until the 16th century Greeks were known to hail clear quartz as equivalent to ice from the heavens. The natural stone is known to have been smeared on the soldiers to make them invincible in the combats.

Named after the Earth Mother Goddess of Greek mythology, quartz also honors the Hindu Goddess of Kundalini or ‘life force’ and light goddess of Rome or Latona. Eqyptians are also known to have buried their bodies in quartz for a safe voyage into the afterlife.


Moonstone in Indian Scriptures  

The ancient secrets of Chakra power and healing practices of Ayurveda have a direct root of natural stones. The scriptures advocate that healing power of crystals is mandatory to unleash the mental and metaphysical balance within a person. The ancient Indian science of astrology is believed to have considered natural stones as objects to converse with the moon.

Shop for amazing moonstones here and wear it to open the heart and keep yourself faithful in commitments. In fact, myths also vouch that the wearer can discern the future when looked through the natural stone during the waning moon phase.


Turquoise among the Aztec

In South American history, primarily among Aztecs and Incas, the importance and omnipotence of Turquoise are inevitable. Known as chalchihuitlin Aztec, the blue natural stone also makes the mask of the God of fire for the same. Aztecs believed the stone to have the power of instilling wisdom, luck and even immortality in the wearer.

The world famous King Tut’s death mask was also embedded with the same captivating natural stone. Buying luxury men’s bracelets with these natural stones will also protect you and act as amulets or talismans.


Emerald in Rome

Roman history has known to revere endless talismans and totems for luck, prosperity and power. Nevertheless, the civilization also celebrated the health effects that the natural stones had on its wearer. While Christianity vouches for emerald as the stone of resurrection, Romans believe that wearing emerald increased the fertility of the wearer. Ancient Alchemy is another mysterious prophecy which highlights the ultimate recipe for enlightenment and transformation on an ‘Emerald Tablet’. Romans used the natural stone extensively to cure eye problems, fear, boost memory and feel happy. 

Graphite was yet another favorite of Roman artisans and is infamous by the giant Roman Pantheon entirely built of the same natural stone.


Magic of Chinese Jade

The mysterious healing powers of ancient Chinese medicine are often grounded to the explicit leverage of a natural stone called Green Jade. Entrenched in history, Jade is known to have assisted in 5000 years of healing in Chinese Medicine. The Chinese believed that green jade also had the ability to lure luck as well as fortune to its wearer.

Yet another important natural stone important to China is Amber, believed to be the soul of the tiger.

With historic emperors like Kublai Khan having sacrificed a city for a ruby and such, the value of natural stones was high in the past. Their value surpassed monetary tags and was treasured for its spiritual and soul-related healing. From common ailments like memory loss to inner strengths like nobility, natural stones are renowned for their insignia of the curing body, mind and soul.

Today, finding your birthstone that responds to your personality, character and aura are not difficult with Adrian Jade.

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