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“When Mother Nature speaks, even the Gods hold silence.” 



Hello and welcome to Adrian Jade. 


Few years ago, I met a Shaman while travelling to a small city in India. The shaman was well respected by the locals and they believed he possessed some spiritual powers. I had been an atheist my whole life and never believed people could possess such "powers", however, at the insistence of my friends, I decided to give the Shaman a few minutes of my time. 

The Shaman started by telling about my past life, my present and also explained what choies I will have in the future. 


Everything the Shaman said about my past and present was true. Every single word. 

I was shocked. 


How someone I never met before and who lives thousands of miles away tell so much about my life with such accuracy? I was intrigued and so I continued to sit there in disbelief. 


The shaman continued and said: 


“You have been focused on material gains your entire life. It has given you great knowledge, but deep inside you feel you haven’t served the purpose of your life. This question doesn’t allow you to rest. Now, it is time for you to change your path in life. You must focus on your creativity and expressing the artistic being that you are.


He handed over a deep blue coloured stone to me and said:

"You must bring the power of nature to the world and help people change their lives"


I had been an atheist my entire life but upon returning from the trip, I profoundly reflected upon this event and I decided to do some search on the stone that Shaman gave me. I found that it was a ‘Lapis Lazuli’ stone.


I kept the stone with me for a few months to see if it improves my life in any manner and soon I realized: 

  • I have never felt full of so much positive energy before.
  • I felt happier, more relaxed and most importantly I felt in control of everything that was happening around me including money, relationships etc. I felt a sense of confidence that I can manage everything that’s going around in my life. I never felt more secure. 
  • My relationship with my friends and family were never better. Everyone started loving my company. People liked being with me. Even the colleagues in my office who I didn't had good terms with started becoming my friends. 


I tought "Oh my God. This is what I have been craving for my entire life and now it is happening". 


Is that because of this small stone that the Shaman gave me? My rationale mind said "It can’t be possible”, however, my experience said “there is definitely something in the stone that has resulted in all this”.


I guess that’s where the question of ‘Believe’ comes over. 


Inspired by these events, I decided to create adrianjade.com with a vision to create the most beautiful bracelets for men and women using the natural stones so that the wearer can benefit from the divine powers of nature and also feel one with the ultimate force in the world.  

So far we have launched our men’s collection and we are working extremely hard to launch our women’s collection as soon as possible.

Adrian Jade has continued to expand exponentially over the last 2 years. We have thousands of happy customers all across the globe and we continue to expand.



Adrian Jade is a Canadian company with headquarters in the Canadian capital city of Ottawa. 

All our products are handmade here in Canada as per your requirements. So far, we have delivered orders to thousands of customers in more than 90 countries and we continue to expand by the day. 

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The best way to contact is by sending us an email on info@adrianjade.com. Due to time-zone differences, we aim to respond to all within a maximum of 24 hours. 


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